To-Do List

To-Do List
Things I need to do…
Want to do…
Am thinking about doing…


I need to…
  • Repot the two small blueberries 06-06-09
  • Divide the blackberries 06-06-09
  • Figure out a way to hill potatoes 06-12-09
  • Deal with Earth Machine’s compost
  • Find a spot for the Star Jasmine
I want to…
  • Finish building the 3×3 box already cut out
  • Paint trim on garage (color to match green vase)
  • Find curtains that match paint trim
I’m thinking about…
  • Replanting continer raspberries to area near the strawberries


What I did
  • 5-27-09 – Transplanted a small piece of the tree peony into a pot
  • 5-31-09 – Divided/transplanted the green with yellow trim hosta I got from Pinki in ’07.  Left one in place, moved one in front of north evergreen, potted one.
  • 06-06-00 – Divided dill plants (Gregory’s) into plastic cups
  • 06-06-09 – Repotted Pepper plants into Dollar Store self-watering pots
  • 06-06-09 – Put tube light in garage
  • 06-06-09 – Planted sprouted melon seeds (Catherine’s)

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