Harvest Monday_August 30, 2010

There’s slim pickin’s ‘roun these ‘ere parts.  Not a whole lot to show off for this Harvest Monday, hosted by Daphne at Dandelions.  But will I let that stop me?  Never.  And you should participate too.   Remember, all harvests, big and small.

I’m down to cucumbers, tomatoes, a few beans and the occasional greens.  I let my disgust with the squirrels affect my judgment again.  I didn’t realize how disgusted I was at the lost of my watermelons, but after that is when I cleared out the squash area, which I recently replanted with a few lettuce, chard, radish, turnips and mustards.  A few days ago, I pulled the bushy marigold and patio basil plants from the newest bed.  I also harvested the volunteer cantaloupe and cleared out the vines.  The thought today is to pull the three cherry tomatoes in that bed when the majority of the tomatoes ripen, and in the meanwhile throw some lettuce seeds in the bed.  If the mood is still with me, it will be easy enough to cover the bed and keep things going into the fall.

I kind of forgot to show the videos of the rest of the garden tour, so here they are…even though today the garden is looking much different than when the video was taken.

And the volunteer cantaloupe?  6 pounds 4 ounces of unripened almost garden goodness.

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Yes, I put the cantaloupe’s weight into my 2010 Harvest Tally as of 08-29-10 because, well, I need all the pounds I can get.  We can also say it balances out the ripe watermelons that the squirrels got that didn’t get weighed.  2765.4 ounces which converts to 174.83 pounds harvested from my little back yard.

 There is one nice thing going on in the garden……the second round of raspberries are maturing.  I might actually get a chance to eat a few if the ants don’t beat me to them all.

Happy Gardening!!!