Petite Post…Potatoes

Betcha these weren’t grown in Mel’s Mix.


Happy Gardening!!!!

Freaks of Nature

A collection of plant oddities found in my own back yard.

This is a lettuce leaf that the stem branched.  Instead of one leaf, you have two.  05-17-08_Siamese Lettuce (2)

This is a leaf from a cherry tomato trained to a single stem with fully grown suckers from the leaf surface instead of the crotch between the leaf and the stem.  I’ve been told that it could be a result of heavy pruning (this was when the plant was very young, not much pruning had been done).  I’ve never seen it and it seemed weird to me.  06-23-08 (12)

This is a cherry tomato that the last two fruits on the truss fused together.  I didn’t realize they were fused until I was getting ready to eat it.  08-27-08 (12)

Here is a tomato that grew in a teardrop shape instead of round.  It was grown on a tomato plant that was planted too early, had cold exposure.  The plant only produced two more tomatoes and eventually got pulled.  06-23-08

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Garden Update

Been busy.  Finally got the other beds in and mostly planted. 

In the first box, which is doing fairly well, we’ve got the tomatoes, collards, cabbage, lettuce, cukes (doing horribly by the way), and a couple of marigolds. 

First raised bed_04-20-08

I’ve been picking a few lettuce leaves and ran into a “Siamese” lettuce leaf today.  You can see where it started as one stem and split with two leaves.  Nature is freaky.

05-17-08_Siamese Lettuce (2)


The second box is planted from back to front with potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, green pepers, a space for green beans, bachelor buttons, and a space that I’ll havea to figure out what I want to put in it.

05-16-08 (7)


Had to take a slight detour around this box because I refused to uproot my irises which I had just repositioned this past fall.  That clump of irises has more blooms than the others.  This bed is planted with tomatoes, lettuce, beets and a squash.  I can always dig up the tulip bulbs later.  I intend to put in peas or beans with a trellis. 

05-16-08 (6) 

I am not as happy with the growth of the plants. But I guess when you consider we’ve only had a few days out the 60s that might account for it.  Next year I’ll start planting at the same time, but I’ll be prepared with row covers.

Happy Gardening!!!!