Volunteer efforts are appreciated.

Mr. Gregory (Master Gardener friend) had mentioned getting volunteers to work in some of his community gardens.  The University of Chicago has a volunteer program where you can work in a number of their departments.  I’m sure the garden volunteers are a part of the University of Chicago Botanic Garden area.

University of Chicago Botanic Garden

Wednesday, he stopped by to give me a couple of tomato plants (Aztec…they labeled it for  me already so I don’t have to worry about mislabeling them).  He got them when he was at a training workshop hosted by Growing Power in Milwaukee.   They put my little tomatoes to shame, but they did start in January and I started in March.   He also asked me to try to get a couple of mango seeds going.  I consider it a challenge because the one I tried to grow started growing then died on me. 

Anyway, just before he was leaving he got a call inviting him to or confirming his attendance at the volunteer appreciation banquet at the University of Chicago.  He asked if he could bring a guest.  So, that’s what I did.  We picked up Jewel Dixon, another community gardener, and off we went.

Here’s a picture of Ms. Susan Peterson, Ms. Annie Pope, Ms. Jewel Dixon and Mr. Gregory Bratton.

Ms. Jackson, Ms. Pope, Ms. Dixon, Mr. Braxton

Here’s a picture of the announcer giving out the awards.  Some people were receiving awards for donating up to 1,500 hours of service.   As you may or may be able to see, the room was packed.  The hospital has a lot of volunteers and in appreciation holds this banquet every year.

University of Chicago Apprecitation Banquet

It was a nice dinner.  They served asparagus which I have never eaten before.  It was actually very good.  Reminds me of string beans.  They also had a centerpiece of wheat grass.  Not the sorry looking wheat grass that I was trying to grow.  This was very pretty.


A sophisticated, easy-to-grow (as long as you use enought seeds) centerpiece.  Gregory and Jewel Dixon were happy campers when they got a chance to take a wheat grass centerpiece home with them.

Happy Gardening Volunteering!!