Freaks of Nature

A collection of plant oddities found in my own back yard.

This is a lettuce leaf that the stem branched.  Instead of one leaf, you have two.  05-17-08_Siamese Lettuce (2)

This is a leaf from a cherry tomato trained to a single stem with fully grown suckers from the leaf surface instead of the crotch between the leaf and the stem.  I’ve been told that it could be a result of heavy pruning (this was when the plant was very young, not much pruning had been done).  I’ve never seen it and it seemed weird to me.  06-23-08 (12)

This is a cherry tomato that the last two fruits on the truss fused together.  I didn’t realize they were fused until I was getting ready to eat it.  08-27-08 (12)

Here is a tomato that grew in a teardrop shape instead of round.  It was grown on a tomato plant that was planted too early, had cold exposure.  The plant only produced two more tomatoes and eventually got pulled.  06-23-08

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