The Titillating Tomato

08-23-08 (2)

Tomato, tomato, on the vine,
ummm, ummm, ummm, you sure look fine.
You’re sitting there with your unblemished flesh,
I’m sitting here thinking how to enjoy you best.

Should I pluck you from right there where you sit,
And partake of your flesh, bit by bit?
Savoring your flavor with every bite,
Thinking about the deliciousness of you
all day and night?

Just once to enjoy you is not enough,
I mean that’s some really good stuff.
My mind is filled with visions of you,
Should I dry you or freeze you or use you in stew?

You’re so beautiful and delicious I want to save your seed,
so we can populate the world with a wonderful breed.
Tomato, tomato, on the vine,
I’m so glad that you are mine.

I really enjoy tomatoes. Over the years I’ve developed a deep appreciation for their taste. I like them fresh, I like fried green tomatoes, I like them oven dried. Eating tomatoes is also good for your health.

Tomatoes are my vegetable of choice in the garden. It’s going to be hard to be without them with the season coming to an end.

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Happy Gardening!!!

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