Wickedly Windy in the Windy City

We have a low of 36 predicted for tonight and 30 for tomorrow.  Brrrrrrr.  I hate the cold, but I love my plants.  I braved crossing the frozen Tundra to save my babies!!!

Who wouldn’t leave the comfort of their toasty abode and be exposed to blowing winds (winds conveniently blowing your neighbors’ leaves into your yard for your compost pile) if they knew they could insure the safety of a plant like this for next year?

08-27-08 (16)

These are the cannas I started in McDonalds cups earlier this year.  They didn’t grow as tall as last year, probably because I stunted their growth by keeping them in the cups too long, but the blooms were still good this year.

I dug up and repotted the rosemary plant too.  I didn’t check to see whether it was a perennial or not, but I like the way it smells and use it in cooking, so I decided to keep it inside.  It’s in the third pot from the right.  After I planted it in the ground it shot up pretty fast.

06-17-08 (23) 10-26-08 (2)

The wind was blowing really hard.  Just as I snapped the picture a big gust came up, that’s why the plant is blurry.  No more juice in the batteries, so no chance to retake. 

Here are the cantaloupes I found growing on the fence earlier.  They didn’t get a chance to mature.  Now they’re compost cantaloupes.


To all you folks continuing your fall gardens, my hat goes off to you. 

Happy  Gardening!!!! 

Surprisingly Striking Similarities

I had a few minutes to get something done in the yard, and I repotted my sage plant to try to overwinter it in the house because I’m not sure if it’s hardy.  I’ve had some that died over the winter and some that came back, so I’ll see how this one goes.  And I repotted the lambs ear because I don’t like it where’s at and haven’t decided where it will finally live.  That’s when I noticed how much the leaves look alike.

Can you guess which is which?

Lambs Ear 

 LAMB'S EAR Sage Plant in Pot Sage Plant SAGE

Of course if you let the cursor hover the name pops up so you don’t have to guess

Besides looking alike, they’re both herbs.  Sage is used for cooking, and in days gone by, lambs ear was used as today’s equivalent of a Band-Aid because of its soft texture.  It’s also referred to as woundwart.

After I repotted the plants they were looking kind of droopy, not worth taking a picture of, so I cheated a little and “borrowed” a few pictures.

Sage and lambs ears…horticultural Doppelgangers.

Happy Gardening!!!