Murphy’s Law is Mucking with Me

You ever had one of those days? 

Yesterday my daughter called me to tell me my account was overdrawn.  My first thought was the check she had given me had bounced and had caused my account to get screwed up.  It wasn’t that I, great mathematical wizard that I am, had miscalculated anything and could have possibly made a mistake.

I called and found out where I stood as far as fees.  Let’s just say with what they’re charging (although they paid the checks, thank God), I could have bought:

  • the strawberry plants I want for next year, including shipping and handling
  • a pound of composting worms since I never got around to try digging for my own
  • those re-blooming irises I saw on the web
  • organic seaweed fertilizer
  • a couple of blueberry plants

My dear daughter, thank you, thank you, thank you, and please forgive me for jumping to the wrong conclusion.

Then when I get back in I check the mail and I’ve got a notice from the Illinois Tollway Authority for violations going back to 2006. I’m pretty good about following the rules and I only remember one incident where I got in the I-Pass lane accidentally and one where a machine malfunctioned.  I don’t know how widespread the program is, but it’s a program where you have a device you keep in your car that you load up with funds and it automatically deducts the tolls as you go through the booth.  That way you get to fly through the booth instead of waiting in the line to pay.  The state really wants you to use it because if you don’t have it and use cash, you get to pay double the regular toll fee. 

A lot of people refuse to use them because they feel it makes it easier for Big Brother to keep an eye on them.  I kind of remember hearing a story about a lawyer getting the information to prove a cheating husband’s whereabouts.  And I’ve heard talk about if you get through two booths too fast it can be used as proof of speeding.  Me, I just never think about it until I’m in the line to pay my toll and get mad because I’m paying double.

I don’t know why they wouldn’t send out timely notices of these violations like the city does, but if I end up just writing a check to keep them from adding another $50 fine when I don’t follow up on the one fine I’m in doubt about (did I mention I’m a notorious procrastinator?), with the fines they’re charging I could have bought:

  • wood to make the square foot beds deeper
  • a good Ph tester
  • trellis netting
  • more fluorescent light fixtures to start more plants next year

Then to top off my evening, just about when I’m at the end of a 90-page document that was due today I accidentally deleted 75 pages that I was not able to retrieve.  With the time I lost re-doing the job, I could have:

  • said thank you to FrugalWench for such a nice compliment on her blog and let her know that her name goes on my blog list ASAP.  I knew when I saw the name that I was going to like the site and I wasn’t disappointed.
  • told  Granny congratulations on the new little one that’s coming because I forgot to mention it the other day I was so busy looking at her pictures
  • finally gotten some time to play in the dirt.

Oh, and by the way, kids and family, you can consider the bullet points my Christmas wish list.

Happy Gardening!!!!

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