Harvest Monday

Daphne over at Daphne’s Dandelions is hosting Harvest Monday.  She invites you to link up at her blog and show off your harvest (big or small).  I’m glad she threw in the small because that’s what I’m getting these days…small amounts of veggies that I gave up on weighing.  I’ll go back and count how many items I picked.  33 cherry tomatoes sure sounds like a lot more than 10.8 ounces of cherry tomatoes. 

So, here’s the harvest over the last few days:

6 cherry tomatoes, 1 squash, 3 lemon cucumbers08-01-09 (4)

17 cherry tomatoes, 3 cucumbers (I got a little hungry)08-02-09

25 cherry tomatoes, 2 lemom cucumbers, 1 Aztec tomato, and 1 (the first) ear of corn08-03-09 (3)

I had to taste test the corn and it’s nice and sweet.  This is from my micro-mini “corn field”…08-03-09 (4)…a whopping 6 square feet.  I assisted Mother Nature with the pollination of the corn, and maybe it paid off.

Corn Pollination 101:  The tassel provides the pollen representing the male part of the plant.  The silks need to be fertilized with the pollen.  Each silk represents a kernel of corn.  The pollen spores float through the air (that’s why block planting is preferable to row planting) from the tassels onto the silks which complete the fertilization process.  For us humans to assist in pollination, we can shake the plant tassels when the silks start emerging so that the pollen can get onto the silks or we can remove a portion of the tassel and rub in onto the silks (which is what I did specifically for the one ear I’ve picked so far.)

The only problem with the corn is that only one ear has shown up per stalk and the stalks in the back are too skinny.  If I do corn next year, I’ll buy seeds (non-genetically modified, non-hybird) and I’ll plant closer to the front of the box so that all the plants get sunshine.

And it’s hard to tell, but on the last face produce picture, the nose is not a cherry tomato.  It’s from the Aztec tomato plant I got from my Master Gardener friend, Gregory, from his trip to Growing Power.  The plant label said the plants were started in JANUARY.  That means this plant is eight months old and just now giving up its first ripe tomato.    It’s an heirloom tomato and I’ve decided to let one of them bush as opposed to growing it to a single stem.  So far, it’s set more tomatoes than the one beefsteak that I planted, but the tomatoes themselves are smaller.  Once it’s fully ripened and I taste it, hopefully I’ll see what all the fuss is about heirloom varieties.

Happy Gardening!!!


Garden Blogger’s Death Day

Today is Garden Blogger’s Death Day with Kate and Crew over at Gardening Without Skills.    Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I don’t have any deaths to post about.  Thought I was going to for a minute. 

I like to train my tomatoes to a single stem, but I figured this year I’d try letting one grow the way it wanted to grow.   After it sent out three branches, I couldn’t handle it any more, and I started pinching out all the suckers again.  Well, right in front of the tomato was the four borage plants (four in one square foot).  They were shading the tomato, and since I like to eat tomatoes more than I care for the taste of the borage leaves, I decided to pull the borage plants up.  When I got to the biggest one, I bent down and started pulling.  I was thinking as I was pulling it that, gee, this one has deeper roots than the other three. Maybe that’s why it’s bigger than they are.  As soon as I pulled it out of the ground, I realized that it was the tomato plant…the tomato plant loaded with little tomatoes.  I stuck it back in the ground and watered it …and watered it…and watered it.

Oh, wait a minute.  I just thought of something.  Let me go out and take a picture.

(Me going outside in the dark taking a picture of dead plants…neighbors wondering what my problem is)

That “watered…and watered…and watered” reminded me that I forgot to water this:07-31-09 (6)

These are some lettuce plants I transplanced and stuck in the shade in anticipation of the weather warming up.  I noticed the plants were starting to bolt, and then I kinda forgot about them.  They died due to my negligence.  Call the Plant Police.  I’m guilty of neglect.  Throw me in jail and throw away the key.

Maybe I can get time served since I’m taking good care of the tomatoes’ siblings and their cousins, the cucumbers.

(Today’s Harvest)07-31-09 (5)

Happy Gardening!!!

Toni’s grasshopper pic just reminded me of something.

Is this a grasshopper?07-26-09 (26)

Now…Happy Gardening!!!

Congratulations are in order…we’re expecting!!!

Here’s the harvest for the day:07-29-09 (7)Seven cherry tomatoes, one lemon cucumber, two cucumbers from the potted bush cucumber plant and lettuce leaves from the last remaining lettuce plant.

I was looking at Kate’s blog today, Gardening Without Skills , and saw a heart made with veggies.  It was too cute.   It even had a love poem for gardeners.  I went a little tomato crazy last year and wrote a poem about tomatoes.

This years tomatoes are doing well.07-29-09 (2)

 The vines are as tall now as they were last year on August 23rd.07-29-09 (3)I have come up with a way to support the vines once they outgrow the trellis, which I’ll post a picture later on.

Maybe the peppers will catch up.  Here they are today.07-29-09 (4)

The four pepper plants closest to the corn with the marigold in between were the first to go in the ground and they’re a little bigger, not much, than the others.  The empty space is where I had the in-ground potatoes.  The harvest was just at 1 big old pound.06-19-09No, that wasn’t a typo.  1/one/uno pound.  I am no Annie’s Granny with her tons of taters from 12 square feet compared to my 6 square feet.  I’m still holding out hope for the potatoes growing in the bin along the side of the garage.  Only a couple of bugs found the plants and they’re still growing like crazy.

I was so happy to find out today that we’re expecting….a new flush of raspberries.07-29-09 (9)I don’t know what variety they are as they were Free Cycled plants.  I got them mid summer last year and they had already fruited, so this years fruit was on last year’s wood.  I’ve repotted the plants, pulled out a few canes and repotted them and cut out the growing tips.  The plants are sending out new foliage, and now I see new future berries.  I only see them on one plant as of today, though.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get a second crop of raspberries!  One of the repotted canes is a trade with a gardening friend of my neighbor who has figs growing in her yard.  I’ve read that figs respond by producing more fruit if the roots are constricted, so they should do well in a container.  So, I’m expecting raspberries and figs.

Happy Gardening!!!

Campbell’s Soup Free Seeds

I got mine, thanks to a link from My Good Cents…complete with coupon code. 


Now you get yours.

Campbell's Free Seeds

(Click cute little tomato growing in can to get your free seeds)

Be sure to check out their Get Growing page.  It has some good basic instructions for growing tomatoes.

Happy Gardening!!!!

*The link and code is probably available at My Good Cents, but you’ll have to search for it.

**Offer valid until June 21, 2009 (or while supplies last).  One per househhold.  Good only in the USA, Puerto Rico.  Allow eight weeks for handling and delivery

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