The Peas Have Perished

In keeping with Garden Bloggers’ Death Day hosted by Kate and Crew over at Gardening Without Skills I give you …

The Peas05-30-09 (11)March 16, 2009 – June 21, 2009

We’re saddened to have to announce that The Peas have passed on.  The Peas started life under trying circumstances, but through it all they persevered.  It is said, “That which does not kill you makes you stronger,” and despite being exposed to snow and freezing winds and even a hail storm, The Peas grew strong and tall.06-21-09 (14)

However, looks can be deceiving.  In recent times, The Peas had stopped producing their beautiful blooms.  The plant was in a virtual coma and the outlook for The Peas to recover and start producing proflic pods of succulent snow peas or snap peas was bleak.  The hot weather had taken its toll on the poor Peas.  So, on June 21, 2009 the decision was made to harvest the last few pods that The Peas had to give of  themselves, and the plug was pulled.

The Peas will live on, however.  The bodies were donated to the compost pile.  In a little while, the spirit of The Peas will be scattered throughout the whole garden…the circle of life continues.06-23-09 (14)


I get a whole lot more string beans per plant compared to peas, so out they went so I can plant some more beans.

Happy Gardening!!!