Harvest Monday_9-20-10

I’ve been kind of MIA…spending more time working.  Didn’t want to let another Harvest Monday go by, though, so here’s what I’ve harvested over the past two weeks:

Before we get to  the current stuff, here’s one I missed last time..08-31-10 (2) …two of the last cantaloupes.  I’ll update my harvest tally (eventually) to show the weights, but both of these were ripe and juicy.  They’re worth growing, even with the aggravation of dealing with those *&^# squirrels.

Over the last two weeks I’ve harvested tomatoes, peppers and okra.

The big picture and the first of the smaller pictures are me having fun with my veggies.  They are the same day’s harvest.  The bigger picture looks to me like a Zulu warrior mask, and the other one looks like a crazy happy skull.  I’ve gotten kind of lazy about weighing and photographing everything, so I know I missed at least a couple cherry tomato harvests.

Picture 2 of the smaller pictures taken was a few days after I pulled a lot of the tomato plants from the yard (9-14-10), that’s why there are small green Brandywines included.  And the bell peppers are coloring up.  They’re not sizing up, but they are getting some color. 

I’m slowly doing things here and there to get the garden ready for winter.  I picked all of the peppers (harvested yesterday, 9-19-10)…09-19-10…for a total of 11 pounds 4 ounces from the 11 plants.  Not terrible considering I’ve got enough in the freezer already to last me until next summer and I made a bunch of stuffed peppers which I froze and slowly pulled out of the freezer and consumed each and every one of them. 

I dug up the pepper plants and gave them to my friend, Master Gardener Gregory Bratton, who, by the way, was chosen as one of the 2010 Garden Crusaders in the Gardener’s Supply Company contest.  The names will be announced in November on their web site.

Gregory is doing a hoop house over the winter and he’s planning on putting the pepper plants in there to see if he’ll be able to harvest a warm season veggie in the cold temperatures of the winter in the hoop house.  It will be interesting to see what happens.

I wasn’t disappointed with the Big Berthas.09-19-10 (4) These three were growing on one plant, and the biggest two were 9.3 ounces and 9.l ounces.  The actual plant was at least five feet tall.  I’m six feet and it came to just past my shoulders.  I’ll be hunting down this variety next year (hybrid, won’t save seeds).

I also picked yesterday some collards from my one remaining plant and some of the Russian kale (which I was so anxious to cook I forgot to photograp), some stalks of celery from the three plants…

09-19-10 (5) …which weigh next to nothing when you remove the leaves from the stalks, and a few pods of okra, which went into the pot with the greens. 

I’m down to cherry tomatoes, Swiss chard, and waiting as long as I can for the sweet potatoes.  EG harvested his sweet potatoes and did great.  I’m hoping I’ll get something decent when mine are harvested.

That’s it for my latest harvests.  Share what you’ve harvested.  Stop by Daphne’s Dandelions, link up with Mr. Linky, and tell the blogosphere what you’re harvesting in your neck of the woods.

Happy Gardening!!

Harvest Monday_August 30, 2010

There’s slim pickin’s ‘roun these ‘ere parts.  Not a whole lot to show off for this Harvest Monday, hosted by Daphne at Dandelions.  But will I let that stop me?  Never.  And you should participate too.   Remember, all harvests, big and small.

I’m down to cucumbers, tomatoes, a few beans and the occasional greens.  I let my disgust with the squirrels affect my judgment again.  I didn’t realize how disgusted I was at the lost of my watermelons, but after that is when I cleared out the squash area, which I recently replanted with a few lettuce, chard, radish, turnips and mustards.  A few days ago, I pulled the bushy marigold and patio basil plants from the newest bed.  I also harvested the volunteer cantaloupe and cleared out the vines.  The thought today is to pull the three cherry tomatoes in that bed when the majority of the tomatoes ripen, and in the meanwhile throw some lettuce seeds in the bed.  If the mood is still with me, it will be easy enough to cover the bed and keep things going into the fall.

I kind of forgot to show the videos of the rest of the garden tour, so here they are…even though today the garden is looking much different than when the video was taken.

And the volunteer cantaloupe?  6 pounds 4 ounces of unripened almost garden goodness.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yes, I put the cantaloupe’s weight into my 2010 Harvest Tally as of 08-29-10 because, well, I need all the pounds I can get.  We can also say it balances out the ripe watermelons that the squirrels got that didn’t get weighed.  2765.4 ounces which converts to 174.83 pounds harvested from my little back yard.

 There is one nice thing going on in the garden……the second round of raspberries are maturing.  I might actually get a chance to eat a few if the ants don’t beat me to them all.

Happy Gardening!!!

Wickedly Windy in the Windy City

We have a low of 36 predicted for tonight and 30 for tomorrow. Brrrrrrr. I hate the cold, but I love my plants. I braved crossing the frozen Tundra to save my babies!!!

Who wouldn’t leave the comfort of their toasty abode and be exposed to blowing winds (winds conveniently blowing your neighbors’ leaves into your yard for your compost pile) if they knew they could insure the safety of a plant like this for next year?

08-27-08 (16)

These are the cannas I started in McDonalds cups earlier this year. They didn’t grow as tall as last year, probably because I stunted their growth by keeping them in the cups too long, but the blooms were still good this year.

I dug up and repotted the rosemary plant too. I didn’t check to see whether it was a perennial or not, but I like the way it smells and use it in cooking, so I decided to keep it inside. It’s in the third pot from the right. After I planted it in the ground it shot up pretty fast.

06-17-08 (23)10-26-08 (2)

The wind was blowing really hard. Just as I snapped the picture a big gust came up, that’s why the plant is blurry. No more juice in the batteries, so no chance to retake.

Here are the cantaloupes I found growing on the fence earlier. They didn’t get a chance to mature. Now they’re compost cantaloupes.


To all you folks continuing your fall gardens, my hat goes off to you.

Happy Gardening!!!!

Cute Cantaloupes … continued

One of the cantaloupes that was growing on the fence fell to the ground…on the neighbor’s side. That’s a sign that the cantaloupe is ready, right? Wrong. That’s a sign that it should have been picked a week ago. When I cut into it, there were spots that were just this side of being spoiled. Still edible, still sweet, but I’d equate it with going to the grocery store and getting the marked down produce. Not spoiled, but definitely not in it’s prime.

So, I went ahead and picked the other two. 09-23-08

These were as large as some that I’ve bought in the grocery store. Another reason for growing them next year.

Before I forget, here’s what I’ve done recently:

  • Divided jasmine and repotted hibiscus last week.
  • Rooted a couple cuttings at the same time.
  • Started emptying compost from Earth Machine.
  • Top dressed bell peppers in the ground and the sweet potatoes.
  • Noticed little growth on white peony plant.
  • Fixed the CompostTumbler and put a load of compost fixings in – got to 120 overnight.

Happy Gardening!!!

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