Pass the Peppers, Please

I still don’t have as much time to play in the dirt as I’d like to, but I’ll do a couple small projects when I can.  Someone was giving away pepper plants via Freecycle the other day and I had another light bulb turning on moment.  I need to plant my garlic, I don’t have any space to plant the garlic, the weather is cooling down, bell peppers don’t do well in cool weather.  Why not Freecycle the bell pepper plants.

So, I dug up the plants, put them in individual plastic bags and posted them on Freecycle.  (I potted a couple, but the rest went into the white plastic bags).

The post read: “Inspired by another Freecycler’s offer and with some free time to work in the yard, I have dug up my bell pepper plants to free up some space to plant garlic. If you are interested in trying your hand at over-wintering bell pepper plants, this is for you. The plants are already dug up and are in plastic bags. You will need a large pot (probably 12 inches in diameter). They range from two feet to three feet tall. You have enough time for the plant to become acclimated to a new pot before it gets too cold and needs to be taken in. I would suggest researching “over-wintering pepper plants” on-line to get more info.”



The timing was great because a fellow Freecycler who is a community gardens coordinator is doing a workshop on container gardening.  Voila, more FreeCycling magic…perfectly good item that somebody finds a use for.  I’ve got another lady that said she wants to give it a try, so she’ll get the two in pots.

I’ve already got some growing in pots which are the ones I’ll share with my mother-in-law and bring inside.  They’re loaded with flowers and baby bell peppers.  And since I don’t have to repot them, I don’t have to worry about disbudding the plant.

09-30-09 (4)

I’ve also potted a few of the parsley plants to see how they’ll do inside.  They didn’t miss a beat when I potted them.  No leaf wilt at all.

09-30-09 (8)

And now for some good news/bad news.  The good news is that the cantaloupes have five cantaloupes growing on them.  The bad news is that I don’t see how they can mature before they get frosted.  But they are cute, aren’t they?

09-30-09 (7)

Happy Gardening!!!