Congratulations are in order…we’re expecting!!!

Here’s the harvest for the day:07-29-09 (7)Seven cherry tomatoes, one lemon cucumber, two cucumbers from the potted bush cucumber plant and lettuce leaves from the last remaining lettuce plant.

I was looking at Kate’s blog today, Gardening Without Skills , and saw a heart made with veggies.  It was too cute.   It even had a love poem for gardeners.  I went a little tomato crazy last year and wrote a poem about tomatoes.

This years tomatoes are doing well.07-29-09 (2)

 The vines are as tall now as they were last year on August 23rd.07-29-09 (3)I have come up with a way to support the vines once they outgrow the trellis, which I’ll post a picture later on.

Maybe the peppers will catch up.  Here they are today.07-29-09 (4)

The four pepper plants closest to the corn with the marigold in between were the first to go in the ground and they’re a little bigger, not much, than the others.  The empty space is where I had the in-ground potatoes.  The harvest was just at 1 big old pound.06-19-09No, that wasn’t a typo.  1/one/uno pound.  I am no Annie’s Granny with her tons of taters from 12 square feet compared to my 6 square feet.  I’m still holding out hope for the potatoes growing in the bin along the side of the garage.  Only a couple of bugs found the plants and they’re still growing like crazy.

I was so happy to find out today that we’re expecting….a new flush of raspberries.07-29-09 (9)I don’t know what variety they are as they were Free Cycled plants.  I got them mid summer last year and they had already fruited, so this years fruit was on last year’s wood.  I’ve repotted the plants, pulled out a few canes and repotted them and cut out the growing tips.  The plants are sending out new foliage, and now I see new future berries.  I only see them on one plant as of today, though.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get a second crop of raspberries!  One of the repotted canes is a trade with a gardening friend of my neighbor who has figs growing in her yard.  I’ve read that figs respond by producing more fruit if the roots are constricted, so they should do well in a container.  So, I’m expecting raspberries and figs.

Happy Gardening!!!