No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth.  No, I’m not laying in a coma unable to log into my blog.  And, no, I didn’t get buried by


Too bad my niece can’t say the same about her and her neighbors’ cars

WGN was looking for a name for the storm.  They’re calling it the Storm 2011, but I like my niece’s word much better.


We had predictions of anywhere from 12 to 31 inches of accumulation. At Midway the official total is 20.2 inches and counting.  Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with.  The city had to close down Lake Shore Drive, which is the equivalent of an expressway that travels along Lake Michigan’s shoreline.  At about 7:15 last night, there was a bus involved accident followed by two more accidents, so the city closed down the Drive.  There were many motorists trapped in their cars, and the first reported fatality happened when someone was fond dead this morning along Lake Shore Drive.  A snow emergency has been declared as of this morning.

When I looked out the front window it didn’t look so awful, mainly because I live on a main street and the city keeps the main streets plowed.   But when I walked around the corner to see how bad the snow was on the car port, I got a real feel for the snowfall and the snow drift depth.  I’m almost six feet tall, and the snow in some areas was past my knees.   I made it to the alley and looked at my garage.  My blood started to boil.

Here’s my neighbor’s car port.  Not bad at all.  She can just drive straight out of her garage.  

Here’s my car port

The epitome of RUDENESS!!!.  I like my neighbor, she’s a nice lady, but her snow removal people shot all of her snow right onto my car port.  At least four feet of solid snow on my car port thanks to those rude a%$#ed people.   I swear, I don’t know what I would have done if I had caught them in the act.   I did walk around the corner and tell my neighbor about it.  I prefaced it with “I don’t blame you because you didn’t do it, but…” 

(Walking through knee deep snow will let you know just how out of shape you are.  I sound like I’m about to have a heart attack on the video.)

This is what my back yard looks like.  Notice the almost buried composter.

Also notice the tomato seedlings.  I went to Aldi’s and bought some of the Campari tomatoes.  I usually don’t buy tomatoes because the store bought ones just don’t compare to the ones you grow, but these were actually really good.  I know they’re hybrid, only commercial growers can buy the seeds, but I’m giving them a try. 

They were planted on the 18th three or four seeds to each little compartment.  By the 25th almost all the seeds had germinated and as of today just about all of them have their true leaves.  

I need to thin them out, either cutting some of them to the soil level or, which I will probably do, separate them and put them in their own little pots.

Now, joy of joys, we get to look forward to wind chills of possibly -30 rolling in tonight.

Happy Gardening Appreciating Not Being In Chicago!!



Harvest Monday_9-20-10

I’ve been kind of MIA…spending more time working.  Didn’t want to let another Harvest Monday go by, though, so here’s what I’ve harvested over the past two weeks:

Before we get to  the current stuff, here’s one I missed last time..08-31-10 (2) …two of the last cantaloupes.  I’ll update my harvest tally (eventually) to show the weights, but both of these were ripe and juicy.  They’re worth growing, even with the aggravation of dealing with those *&^# squirrels.

Over the last two weeks I’ve harvested tomatoes, peppers and okra.

The big picture and the first of the smaller pictures are me having fun with my veggies.  They are the same day’s harvest.  The bigger picture looks to me like a Zulu warrior mask, and the other one looks like a crazy happy skull.  I’ve gotten kind of lazy about weighing and photographing everything, so I know I missed at least a couple cherry tomato harvests.

Picture 2 of the smaller pictures taken was a few days after I pulled a lot of the tomato plants from the yard (9-14-10), that’s why there are small green Brandywines included.  And the bell peppers are coloring up.  They’re not sizing up, but they are getting some color. 

I’m slowly doing things here and there to get the garden ready for winter.  I picked all of the peppers (harvested yesterday, 9-19-10)…09-19-10…for a total of 11 pounds 4 ounces from the 11 plants.  Not terrible considering I’ve got enough in the freezer already to last me until next summer and I made a bunch of stuffed peppers which I froze and slowly pulled out of the freezer and consumed each and every one of them. 

I dug up the pepper plants and gave them to my friend, Master Gardener Gregory Bratton, who, by the way, was chosen as one of the 2010 Garden Crusaders in the Gardener’s Supply Company contest.  The names will be announced in November on their web site.

Gregory is doing a hoop house over the winter and he’s planning on putting the pepper plants in there to see if he’ll be able to harvest a warm season veggie in the cold temperatures of the winter in the hoop house.  It will be interesting to see what happens.

I wasn’t disappointed with the Big Berthas.09-19-10 (4) These three were growing on one plant, and the biggest two were 9.3 ounces and 9.l ounces.  The actual plant was at least five feet tall.  I’m six feet and it came to just past my shoulders.  I’ll be hunting down this variety next year (hybrid, won’t save seeds).

I also picked yesterday some collards from my one remaining plant and some of the Russian kale (which I was so anxious to cook I forgot to photograp), some stalks of celery from the three plants…

09-19-10 (5) …which weigh next to nothing when you remove the leaves from the stalks, and a few pods of okra, which went into the pot with the greens. 

I’m down to cherry tomatoes, Swiss chard, and waiting as long as I can for the sweet potatoes.  EG harvested his sweet potatoes and did great.  I’m hoping I’ll get something decent when mine are harvested.

That’s it for my latest harvests.  Share what you’ve harvested.  Stop by Daphne’s Dandelions, link up with Mr. Linky, and tell the blogosphere what you’re harvesting in your neck of the woods.

Happy Gardening!!

You heard it here first.

Well, sorta.  Remember when I was moaning and groaning about the squirrels destroying my watermelons and I mentioned my neighbor was growing watermelons in his front yard?   (I deleted his address in the prior post out of respect for his privacy, but he later told me that he didn’t care if it was shown).

 Well, he made it onto ABC News yesterday.  Twenty full-sized melons growing in the front yard…and a spot on the evening news.  Yes, he did have much better luck with his watermelons than I did.

Happy Gardening!!

Harvest Monday_September 6, 2010

Today is Yesterday was Harvest Monday, hosted by Daphne at Daphne’s Dandelions.  Drop by, link up, show your stuff.

My enthusiasm is waning.  With the kiddies (don’t let them hear me calling them that since they’re all over the age of consent) being back in school mama’s got to buy a few pairs of shoes, so mama’s got to get her butt into gear and get a lot more work done. 

Anywho, I was pretty busy with work last week and didn’t spend a lot of time in the garden.  I harvested the last few melons and gave one to my neighbor whose fence they grew up on and one to my mother.  As obsessive as I am about weighing my produce, it didn’t even occur to me to weigh them. 

Saturday I spent a long day working in the yard.  I pruned and tidied up the blackberry canes and gave them a different support. 

09-04-10 (4)

In the new bed I took out the three cherry tomato plants (I still have three) and the vines from the volunteer melon.  I reconfigured the trellis so I can throw plastic over it just in case I decide to grow greens when it’s cold outside ( I sprinkled a few lettuce seeds in the bed while I was at it).  The trellis is actually two trellis that I got when the store was going out of business.  It sat around for over four years unopened.  Best 20 bucks (or less) that I ever spent.

09-04-10 (2)

I cut all the new growth from the tree trunks and filled up my lawn bag composter after I transferred the material that was in it already so it can sit and mellow. 

Today Yesterday I got all the melon vines off the fence, removed the Armenian cukes and yard long beans off the stairs, took out all the cucumber and bush bean plants from the north bed.  I’m slowly getting the garden ready for winter.  I’ve still got bell peppers, swiss chard, Russian and dwarf kale and three more tomato plants. 

The jalapeno pepper in the container did its thing again


I just discovered watermarks!!

35 peppers were on the plant this time, just six weeks after the last major harvest.  Got to find out from Granny who gave me the seeds if these were hybrid or OP.  These will be made into jalapeno poppers to go into the freezer.

I’m actually picking a few raspberries, a second harvest.  Last year the frost got them before they could mature.  And speaking of round two, my rhododendron is flowering.

09-04-10 (3)

Not sure if that’s good or bad because the flowers for next year, according to everything I’ve read, form on the tips of the leaves this year.  Once the plant blooms now will it still grow flowers on the leaf tips?  Will the plant have time to even develop flower buds for next year?  Curious minds want to know.

So, here’s what I harvested this last week.

View Harvest 8-3 to 9-6
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The picture on the right is from today yesterday.    I won’t include in the harvest tally the huge overgrown cucumber that I discovered when I took the plants out or

the little bitty ones that I dropped in my pickle jar in the fridge.  Those were the last of the Armenian cukes too.  Both of the brandywine tomatoes were over a pound each, and there are only a couple more on the plant.

It’s getting close to midnight so I’m signing off, otherwise I’ll have to change my title.

p.s.  I fell asleep and didn’t hit the send button in time.  I guess old age is catching up to me.  Time for me to run like hell.

Happy Gardening!!

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