Found a Seed Sale

♫♪Seeds, Glorious Seeds♫♪ 


I’d been saving my Home Depot gift card from Christmas to use on this year’s garden and decided to buy some seeds and seed starting mix.  I paid full retail for the bottom three rows of seeds: 

  • Organic bell pepper
  • Organic Brandywine tomatoes
  • Organic pickling cucumbers
  • Okra
  • Yellow squash (hybird)
  • Brussles sprouts
  • Snow peas
  • Yard Long beans

There were still a few of what I considered unusual veggies I wanted, and in my search I ran across Neeps Lawn & Garden.  Most of their seeds were marked down to half, they had everything I was looking for (except the mini bells, the yellow tomatoes and the super sweet cherry tomatoes weren’t in stock).  But best of all, their shipping is only $2.00.  

I like the way they have the seeds organized.  You can read the characteristics of each seed and compare the different varieties.  I ended up ordering: 

  • Super sweet early corn (giving one package to mother-in-law)
  • Hales best cantelope
  • Pickling cucumbers (giving to mother-in-law)
  • Brandywine tomatoes (giving to mother-in-law)
  • Blue Lake bush beans
  • Sugarbaby watermelon

My unusuals: 

  • Lemon cucumber
  • Carrot Nutri-Red (high in lycopene)
  • Bright Lights swiss chard
  • Armenian Yard Long cucumbers
  • Southern Giant Curled mustard greens

If there are a few seeds you’re still in need of, you can’t go wrong giving them a try. 

I wish I had remembered to look at the flower seeds so I could have ordered the bicolored marigolds and the nasturtiums.  There’s probably another seed order on the horizon. 

Happy Gardening!!

Green Fest at Navy Pier

I’ve got to be honest, this was not something I would have been happy to have had to pay to attend. All the community organizations had free passes to the event and a lot of the people I’ve met through the gardening groups were going, so I went too. Of course Greg Bratton was there and Stephanie, one of the faithful volunteers for Healthy South Chicago. I saw a couple of people who were at The Green Summit (Naomi Davis and LaDonna Tittle).   Dominique Bowman, Executive Director for The Green Lots Program was there.  I got a chance to meet the proprietors of Black Oaks.

The theme was about eco-friendly products.  There were clothes made out of recycled plastics, the eco-friendly tankless water heater.  They had book signings. 

There were only a few exhbits that caught my eye.

These guys sell paper made with elephant dung, a perfect addition to any compost pile after you’re done with it.100_0154

This guy was selling yard art and plant stands made from twigs. They were actually reasonable priced too.


The best thing for me was we found some free seeds.  You know me and my free seeds.  I’ve got a fair collection of the usual seeds, so now I look for the unusual. 


41 inches long and 70 pounds.  That’s a pretty big squash.  Or maybe the company is fudging a little bit. says they average 20 inches and 15 pounds, but that’s still impressive for a squash.

Anybody out there in the blogosphere have any experience with this particular squash?  How’d yours do?

More free goodies.

Every day I try to pop over to the My Good Cents page (under frugal living on the sidebar).  Anything that says free sample gets my attention.  So far I’ve gotten a coupon for a free Kashi frozen dinner, info for free bowling for kids, two $1 $2 printable coupons for any size All 3x and Mighty detergent, free seeds from Campell’s Soup and a free (ahem) intimate raincoat.  Hey, it was free.

Reynolds is giving away a coupon for a roll of their recycled aluminum foil.  I signed up for that.  And just a little while ago, I signed up for a sample of Dunkin Donuts coffee.  They had a blog widget which actually works.  Half the time I can’t get the widgets to work.  So, there it is,  Hope you find it useful.

Today, still at My Good Cents, I read that Home Depot has a buy one get one free seed sale in honor of Earth Day (4-19 to 4-28).  I missed out on the free compact fluorescent bulb.  I stopped by and got lavender seeds, because I don’t have any, and organic cantaloupe, because I’m trying to change my evil ways and buy organic seeds.  Not that I have any more room for anything else on the grow rack, but I started a few of the lavender seeds and tomorrow I’ll plant a few cantaloupe seeds.

Happy Gardening!!!

Campbell’s Soup Free Seeds

I got mine, thanks to a link from My Good Cents…complete with coupon code. 


Now you get yours.

Campbell's Free Seeds

(Click cute little tomato growing in can to get your free seeds)

Be sure to check out their Get Growing page.  It has some good basic instructions for growing tomatoes.

Happy Gardening!!!!

*The link and code is probably available at My Good Cents, but you’ll have to search for it.

**Offer valid until June 21, 2009 (or while supplies last).  One per househhold.  Good only in the USA, Puerto Rico.  Allow eight weeks for handling and delivery

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