Long time no post

You’d think after this long hiatus I’d be giving an update on the garden.  And I plan to upload pictures and show off some of my big tomatoes and my bumper crop of strawberries…but have you ever heard a song that touched you?  I’ve become a fan of country music here lately, and every time I hear this song it makes me ponder this thing we call life. 

Listen to the words.  It’s a touching story of what’s happening with too many people these days.

The next post will be on a lighter note…promise!

Happy Gardening!  Hoping things turn around for us

Congratulations to the graduate

Congratulations, Son, on your graduation from high school.

On the ladder to you future you’ve climbed another rung.

Everybody who loves you knew it would be done.

College is the next step on your climb up the ladder

where many new life experiences you’ll gather.

Enjoy this new chapter in your life and have a lot of fun,

but never forget the work that has to be done. 

Sometimes it may be difficult and roadblocks you might hit,

but never, ever, ever say quit.

Remember, you’ve got people who love you and will help all we can.

We’re proud of you, you’ve grown into a fine young man.


Your mom


Eventually … I’ll update my 2010 garden harvest.

Eventually … I’ll take care of this pressing business I need to take care of in my personal life.

Eventually … I’ll catch up on my paperwork.

But today, I went fishing.  And maybe one day, eventually, I’ll be the one who pulls in Big Daddy.

Big Daddy was done in by the succulentness of a raw shrimp smothered in garlic powder and salt that sat out in the elements for a day and then spent the next ten months in the freezer. 

So sorry, Big Daddy, but you just gave this fella lifetime bragging rights.

Happy Gardening Catching Your Dream Fish!!!

Birthday shoutout

Darian, just wanted to wish you a….


Hope your day was all you dreamed it would be.

Love ya!!!

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