Harvest Monday_August 2, 2010

Another Harvest Monday has rolled around.  Time to show off your harvest, big or small.  Link up at Daphne’s Dandelions and show the blogsphere what you’re harvesting in your piece of paradise.  My 2010 Harvest as of 8-2-2010 so far is1738.4 ounces, which translates to 108.65 pounds of produce using the handy dandy ounces to pounds converter.

I’m getting cherry tomatoes and peppers and, of course, squash.    Not too much else.

I pulled the container yard long beans because the plants were expiring from the bottom up.  They’re supposed to keep on producing the whole season, but these didn’t.  I left the few plants at the base of the stairs so they can go to seed.   The okra plants are finally producing.  There’s only four plants, but that’s enough for me.  I only use the pods in greens and soup.

I was straightening up the garden the other day.  It’s nice to get paid for your hobby with organic vegetables.  I picked (clockwise) a yard long cuke, collard greens, chard, Russian kale, leaves from a turnip plant that started growing when I started watering the garden more, cherry tomatoes, patio basil, dwarf kale, and mustard greens.

Lettuce is on the way.  See that tray under the swing?  I started a few cucumbers and some lettuce.  I also threw a few seeds in some blank spots in the yard, and they’re germinating.  I’m really looking forward to garden lettuce again.

I don’t know how it happened, but I forgot to take a picture of Sunday’s harvest.  Two squash, one okra pod, a few green beans and some cherry tomatoes.

And here’s today’s harvest.  One Armenian cucumber and three okra pods.


…eight bell peppers, two okra pods, and 105 cherry tomatoes.  This round of peppers are bigger than the last group I picked.  I decided to make stuffed peppers, which I’ve never made before.   The recipe called for rice, onions, tomato sauce, garlic, ground beef as some of the mian ingredients.  I didn’t have rice or tomato sauce.  I used a box of Spanish rice and a bottle of spaghetti sauce. 

They were pretty good.

 Happy Gardening!!

Harvest Monday_July19, 2010

I harvested the first Armenian Cucumber, a/k/a Yard Long Cucumber, this week.  My next post will show it going from seed to table.

Here’s my contribution to Harvest Monday hosted by Daphne at Daphne’s Dandelions.  Be sure to drop by and link up and show off what you’re harvesting from your garden.

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(2010 Harvest as of 7-19-2010) 1277 oz. converts to 79.83 pounds of produce I’ve harvested from my garden so far.  All the Jalapeno peppers except for three came from one container grown plant (seeds compliments of Granny).  The one in the ground is struggling and I’ve only gotten about three peppers off of it.  I used them to make my first batch of pickled peppers and they’re sitting in the fride now.

I had said the yard long beans were a disappointment, but I probably picked it a little too early.  They get a lot sweeter tasting as they bulk up a little.  Now I’m very happy with them.  Just wish I had planted more and had a better climbing structure for them.

Happy Gardening!!!

Harvest Monday_July 5, 2010

Today is Harvest Monday hosted by Daphne at Daphne’s Dandelions, a prime opportunity to post pics of produce you didn’t have to purchase and to see the pics of other people’s pickings. 

Here’s what I’ve plucked from my planted plots.

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Here’s the updated 2010 Harvest as of 07-05-10:   917.7 oz. which converts to 57.35 lbs.

Sprinkled into the slide show are a few pics from one of my Master Garden friend’s (Gregory Bratton) community gardens, the Roseland Community Peace Garden.  (I still haven’t figured out how to separate the pictures into two different slide shows).  They harvested lots of collard greens, cabbage, onions, carrots, string beans, mint and beets, and probably a few things I left out.  He’s pictured holding two ginormous zucchini plants that they harvested that day.  (Thanks for the produce, it went into the mix for my roasted veggies for the holiday.)

I think community gardens are great.  I even signed up for a plot in one because I wanted a little more community in my gardening, but the place that I signed up for you had to walk two blocks to get to it, and whenever I went by there most of the times I didn’t see anyone gardening in it.   So, I kind of gave up that idea.  I’ll still attend my meetings and volunteer whenever I can, but I gave up that idea.  But…to scratch that itch, I installed another bed in my back yard.  (See next post).

There’s not a lot going on in my little yard these days.  All but a few of the raspberries are gone.  I pulled the snow peas.  Since it heated up they were making so few flowers I figured it wasn’t worth taking up the space.  Just about all the lettuce has bolted and most of it has been pulled already. 

I had pulled some of the mustard greens, and the ones that are left are growing a little better.  The swiss chard I decided to let the leaves grow a little larger before I pick them.   The Armenian cucumber has finally set at least one cucumber, and the yard long beans have started producing.  Gotta say, though, I like the regular bush beans better.  These are really skinny and not real flavorful.

That’s it for today,

Happy Gardening!!!

Harvest Monday_June 28, 2010

It’s Harvest Monday hosted by Daphne at Daphne’s Dandelions.   Post pics of your produce and leave a link at Daphne’s Dandelions so everyone can see what’s growing in your neck of the woods.

I picked my first bell pepper yesterday.  It was the Big Bertha I bought from Home depot the day I also bought the Stevia plant.  Big Bertha is living up to her name.  Too bad she’s a hybird, otherwise I’d definitely save the seeds.

Here are a few pictures of her progress:


All that pepper on that little bitty plant. 

There’s been a lot of rain around here lately.   After the corn being flattened on the 19th (Garden vs. Storm) another storm came through and flattened it again on the 23rd.  A tornado actually touched down in Orland Park (I think I have that right), one of the Chicago suburbs.

No fear, though.  All is well again.  The corn is on its way!!

This time I will not remove the stakes.  If another storm comes through, it’s going to have to work a little harder to flatten the corn.

Here’s my updated harvest tally.  835.7 oz  converts to 52.23 pounds of garden goodness so far. 

Around the garden, I pulled most of the lettuce and planted bush beans.   The strawberries are gone.  The snow peas are still producing a few pods since they got all tangled in the bad weather on the 19th.  The raspberries are probably 75 percent finished.  All 20 blueberries are gone.  I still haven’t planted my pickling cucumbers.  I have planted Armenian cukes, but the label says they don’t recommend them for pickling.  They’re growing fine with lots of male flowers on them.  I had the first flower on the yard long beans.  I made mint tea with some of the stevia leaves and it actually sweetened the drink.  It had a slight aftertaste, but for zero calories I’m willing to work with it.

Anyway, here’s a slide show of some of the pickings since my last Harvest Monday post on the 14th.


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Happy Gardening!!!

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