Epitome of Jumping to the Wrong Conclusion

Okay.  Well, umm, I do believe I owe my neighbor an apology.  I do believe that I not only jumped to the wrong conclusion but I pole vaulted to the wrong conclusion that somebody she hired aimed their snow blower onto my garage (see the post prior to this one).  As the day progressed I realized when I went up her steps I had to make a path in the snow and it occurred to me that you’d probably take care of your front steps before you took care of an alley.  And when I finally started clearing the snow away from my garage I noticed that the snow had drifted much more on our side of the alley.  So, with a lot of egg on my face, my apologies, Dear Neighbor.

However, I only had to look further down the alley to see the evidence of a genuine bad mannered snow blower operator.  On the other end of the alley, somebody cleared the alley in front of a vacant house and created a hill of snow across the width of the alley.   So, the rant from the other day has been redirected to those that are truly guilty.

The day this picture was taken, the homeowner couldn’t drive out of her garage, but the alley on the other side of this snow pile was clear as can be.   Truly ill-mannered behavior. 

To take my mind off of snow I transplanted my tomato seedlings.  No, I didn’t cut the extras off at the soil level…couldn’t bring myself to kill them.  I teased them apart and repotted each and every one of them.  Now I am the caretaker of  20 tomato seedlings…from a hybird Campari tomato…that I don’t even know will produce any tomatoes…in January…with close to 20 inches of snow on the ground…still…because, lucky us, we had more snow today.

After looking outside at the mounds and mounds of snow, I feel so much better looking at this…

Happy Gardening!!