Harvest Monday_July26, 2010

Okay, I’m a day late for Harvest Monday hosted by Daphne at Daphne’s Dandelions, but better late than never.  Right? 

Here’s my harvest from June 20 to the 24th.    No weight tally today.  I’ll have to enter the numbers into the database for next week.

Pictured below:  Kale, mustard greens, yard long beans, cherry tomatoes, a few sorry looking blackberries and my first okra pod.

One Armenian cucumber.  Lots of leaves on the plant, lots of flowers, only a few cukes.  They taste good, but the plants aren’t producing a whole lot of cucumbers.

This was a good day for me.  Collard greens, Russian kale, dwarf kale (which I cooked that night, and they were um-um-good).  My first mass picking of peppers.  Quantity over quality.  All the peppers (except the two Big Berthas) were all on the small/medium side.  Also I picked more cherry tomatoes, squash, celery, sage and flat parsley.

Getting down to the last of the yard long beans.  The plants were dieing/dying(?-still not sure how to spell that word) from the bottom, so I ended up pulling the plants.  A couple more Big Berthas, more cherry tomatoes, a few more blackberries and, oh, Joy, another squash.

 What does one do with an over-abundance of squash?

Undercover squash
 Hide it in a delicious frozen fruit smoothie. 

While I was making a smoothie I remembered that Toni at My Square Foot Garden Adventure put vegetables in her breakfast drink.  (If I’m misquoting you, Toni, let me know).  I was also thinking how squash, to me, doesn’t really have a taste, that it takes on the flavor of what it’s cooked with.  Then I was wondering how’d it work out if I used some of the frozen squash as a base for a smoothie.  

I put yogurt, frozen squash, frozen fruit (bananas, cantaloupe and, you guessed it, blueberries) along with enough water for the blender to rotate.  I would have used milk if I had any instead of the water.  It tasted pretty good to me.  My daughter was my unwitting test taster.  I haven’t told her yet that there was squash in the smoothie, but I know she liked it because of the loud slurps she was making getting the last few drops out of the cup with the straw.

Happy Gardening!

Harvest Monday

Here’s my two pounds worth to contribute to Harvest Monday hosted by Daphne’s Dandelions.

This is my entire 4-square-foot corn harvest (plus the one I picked the day before).  A couple of them may have filled out a little more, but I had left the corn too long the last time I planted corn and didn’t want to take a  chance.  So, we have five ears of corn, three lemon cucumbers, a handful of cherry tomatoes, and one pickling cucumber.08-05-09 (5)

Here we have a guest Harvest Artist.  This is my niece.  She couldn’t work the veggies in the bowl into her “artwork.”  So, we have 1 strawberry, a bunch of cherry tomatoes, four lemon cucumbers and two beefsteak tomatoes.08-07-09

Here we’ve got two cucumbers.  Somehow I missed them because I would have picked them before they got so big.  But I’m glad I did miss them.  They tasted so much sweeter and were so much jucier than the ones that I’ve been picking while they’ve been small.08-08-09

And here is today’s harvest:  4 (mini) fennel bulbs, 1 ripe Aztec tomato, 4 green Aztec tomatoes (the branch had bent and the tomatoes were laying on the ground), 1 squash, 1 pickling cucumber, a bunch of cherry tomatoes, 27 (I know it’s hard to see them) habanero peppers, and four lemon cucumbers.  The big, round, orange lemon cucumber was one I missed.  It’s going to be the seed for next year.  Yeah, it’s a hybird, but I’m curious to see what will grow from the second generation of seeds.08-10-09 (14)

Here are two peppers growing on the plant that had the four  fennel plants in the same pot.  08-10-09 (4)I read somewhere that fennel interferes with the growth of  some plants.  Since I don’t really eat them, I just went ahead and pulled them out.  They are pretty plants, though.

Here’s the plant that all of the habanero peppers came from:08-10-09 (2)It’s doing so much better than the in-ground habaneros.  I’m hoping that by removing all of the peppers on the plant it will trigger another growth spurt with more flowers for another round of peppers before it gets too cold.  I gave all but four of them to my mother-in-law and her husband today. 

If you remember the container egg plant with the two volunteer tomato plants, here’s a picture of that.08-10-09I’ve had a number of egg plant flowers, but not a single fruit has developed.  Whatever the problem is, it’s not affecting the tomato plants.   They’re growing and flowering and making little tomatoes.

We’ve had warmer weather the last few days.  Between that and my making a decision to water more I can actually see a difference in the plants. 

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I’ve been up and moving most of the day and I’m just a little too tired to think straight.  So, goodnite, Folks.

Happy Gardening!!

Returning after my little hiatis.

For some reason, I just haven’t really felt like taking the time to post, but I got a chance to catch up on my blog reading and I’m inspired to play catch-up now.

Starting where I left off last post, lillies make beautiful cut flowers.06-21-09 (22)

The borage plants are blooming.  The one in the raised bed that had the second “hoop house” over it is a good four feet tall, the one in the raised strawberry bed and the one in a pot are both about a foot tall.  Here’s a pic of the one in the raised bed.   This is the bloom at the very top of the plant, and now it’s sending out side shoots that have blooms on the tips.06-23-09 (2)

The broccoli started heading up (all six of them).  Maybe it was the hot weather we had for a few days straight, but this one started flowering when the head was about the size of an orange and I picked it today.06-23-09 (8)

I’ve been picking string beans every day (3 squares/4 plants per square).  I planted both yellow and green.  I like the taste better of the yellow, but the green produces more.  I keep threatening to plant more because I like them so well.  No more excuses.  I went to the store and bought some today.06-23-09 (5)

Here’s the bed with the tomatoes.  I’m using my Free Cycle stakes, but as you can see, it won’t be long before they outgrow the stakes.  So….06-20-09 (2)

Out with the Free Cycle, in with last year’s model.06-26-09 (4)I don’t know if you can tell, but all (or most anyway, some might be light peeking through the leaves) of the yellow dots are tomato blooms.   I did a lot of pruning and took the time to tie the tomatoes to the trellis.  The trellis is seven or eight feet tall and the vines are halfway up and it’s not even July.  I’m going to have to come up with a way to keep them growing past the trellis because I don’t want to cut the top of the vine back.

Looks like the majority of the tomatoes will be this kind…06-26-09 (10)

The strawberries are down to the last berry waiting to ripen, but it’s sending out lots of runners.  I hope I can remember to get little pots and put the runner tips in them like I saw somebody posting about on their blog (forgive me for not remembering where I saw it).

Most of the lettuce is bolting and with the hotter weather coming I know the peas are about done, so I went from this…06-21-09 (14)

To this…06-23-09 (13)

To this…06-28-09 (12)Those are double-decker Free Cycle stakes.  My thought was to plant pole beans down the middle and the stakes would support them.  I don’t have any pole beans in my little stash, so I’ll stop by Home Depot or Menards to see if they have some.  If not, I’ll do cucumbers there or just go with the bush beans in that spot.

All the scraggly bushes belong to my neighbor, but I don’t have the nerve to say anything to her about it because the trees along the side of the garage are growing so much they’re almost knocking on her back door.  I wish I had just bit the bullet and had everything taken out at once when I first got here.

The best news is the raspberries have started ripening.  They not huge or plentiful, but they sure are good.06-25-09 (2)


06-28-09 (5)These are from my Free Cycle raspberry plants I got last year.  They’re in four different pots, but I like being able to pick my own raspberries so much that I want to find a permanent place in the ground for them.  I’m going to really have to think on this one.

Anyway, I’m feeling the call of nature.  The weather is absolutely beauitful with a nice breeze blowing.  I’m going to go out and give my parched plants a drink of water.

Happy Gardening!!