Strawberry orphans in need of a new home.

I got the strawberries today.  They didn’t short-change me.  In fact, I got a few extras.  Now I have to figure out where to put them.  I’ve got the strawberry pot I found last year, but that only takes care of six plants.  I’m leaning toward homemade grow bags made out of black garbage bags.  That’s quick and easy.  Or I have a tiered raised bed that I haven’t used yet.  Or both because there’s so many.  Gotta put my thinking cap on because I need to get it done within the next couple days.

The grow bag appeals to me because I like to plant in unusual ways.  When I thinned the lettuce I started from seed …

03-23-09_Lettuce started on 3-17-09

I put the thinnings in here…

03-23-09_Lettuce transplanted on 3-17-09

I got about 32 transplants in typing paper paper pots.  I tore the paper in half the short way, rolled the paper, left the bottom open, put dirt in the cylinder and stuck the cylinders in the inverted top portion of a two-piece cake cover (another Free Cycle find).  Last year I did the same thing and had some nice sized transplants. 

Happy Gardening!!!

All is not lost with the lettuce

Nah.  The lettuce is toast.  It never recovered from the last cutting…or maybe I didn’t recover.  The leaves were so pretty and I enjoyed just looking at them.  Once the pretty leaves were gone, I totally neglected the rest of the lettuce.  The Plant Protective Services people would have thrown me in jail if they knew.

I guess the gardening gods felt sorry for me because here’s what I found last night, just in time for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day.

 01-15-09_Bachelor Button

This bachelor button popped up in the tray with the lettuce I transplanted and brought in the house.  And because I try to embrace a live and let live attitude I let it grow.  The stem is zig-zaggy because I kept pulling it under the lights, but we have a bloom and even a few more buds on the plant.  YEAH!!!

01-15-09_Bachelor Button (2)

Happy Gardening!!!

Bugs in the Basement

The lettuce is growing fine in the basement.  The only problem is that gnats and/or white flies have found the leaves.

12-22-08_Lettuce With Bugs on Leaves 

I’m going to have to figure out a non-pesticide way to get rid of them.  The little buggers really had a population explosion over this last week.

Last time I picked the lettuce I got two gallon bags full. This time I got one.

12-22-08_Lettuce Picked Today

We’ll see how long it takes until the next picking.  I gave the plants a pretty good leaf cropping.

12-22-08_Lettuce After Picking

It’s probably a good idea to start a new batch of seeds because technically these are about three or four months old already.

Tomato seeds are resilient little things.  Here’s a volunteer, and I can’t figure out where it came from because I used bagged container mix in these planters. 

12-22-08_Volunteer Tomatoe

Everybody’s talking about the weather.  We had a minus 30 wind chill yesterday and another snow storm is predicted for tomorrow.   I REALLY DISLIKE WINTER.  I guess the only upside is we’ll have a white Christmas.


Happy Gardening!!!

Lots of Leafy Lettuce. I’m a Lucky Lady.

I just love seeing things grow, that’s why I haven’t picked any leaves off the lettuce I transplanted and brought in the house back in late October.

Here is one of the three trays I planted.  I gave one to my mother-in-law.

12-11-08 (15) 

Some of the leaves have gotten pretty big.

12-11-08 (13)

12-11-08 (9)

This was a lettuce mix I got at Jewel Foods and there are a few different varieties.  There’s the one above, which seems to be the fastest grower and these…

12-11-08 (8)

12-11-08 (16)

12-11-08 (10)

12-11-08 (11) 

12-11-08 (12)

I’m also, as an experiment, trying to over-winter the herbs.

parsley…12-11-08 (4)

sage…12-11-08 (3)


and thyme…thyme

Nah.  I didn’t really grow thyme, but it would have been musical.  Remember that Simon & Garfunkle song?

“Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme”

I did grow  parsley, sage, rosemary and chives, though, and that has a musical ring to it.

The sage and the parsley look a little droopy, and you can see I haven’t even properly potted two of them.  My goal is to keep the roots going even if the top growth suffers.  I want to see if they’ll perk up when they get back outside in the ground. 

I took cuttings from the rosemary and sage (they’re too sad looking for pictures right now).  If they root I’ll post pics later.

I even broke down and bought a package of that expensive pre-packaged organic mint from Jewel Foods because I learned of the joy of Mojitos.

11-24-08_organic mint Mojito

My Mojito didn’t look quite as pretty as the photo, but it tasted pretty good.

**caution – excessive consumption of Mojitos can lead to prolonged feelings of euphoria.

Just as another experiment, I’m trying to root some of the stems.

12-11-08_rooting mint

In the summer I’ll just use some of the runners from my neighbor’s yard that find their way onto my side of the fence.  Free plants…always a good thing.

Happy Gardening!!!