Talk about necessity being the mother of invention.

Totally and absolutely not garden-related, but I thought it was just too cool.

Folks enjoying a nice, relaxing dip in the pool.

The “pool” is really a garbage dumpster.

The folks needed a place to chill out in the heat of the summer, and David Belt of Macro Sea created this portable pool.   The overview at the web site says that Macro Sea …“is a development company created to complete projects that we find interesting.”    I like that:  “Projects that WE find interesting.”  Sounds like a dream job to me.

The pool was actually constructed to be used as part of New York City’s Summer Streets program, and Belt came up with the idea of repurposing the dumpsters.

Belt says these code-compliant portable pools can be used in any city. “I think it would be so great if different municipalities that couldn’t afford to build a whole park could set up these pop-up pools.” The best part? They’re relatively inexpensive and easy to transport so a city could move pools around to different neighborhoods. (Belt says it costs $200 to move a dumpster on the back of a truck in New York City.)

Photos of the construction of one of these pools can be seen here.  Some of the ideas people come up with are so fascinating.

Happy Gardening Putting Your Creativity to Work!!


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