Ghetto Grow Bag

Remember the Ghetto Greenhouse?  Introducing…

…the Ghetto Grow Bag.

Remember that one hosta (insert plant of your choice) that your aunt (insert person of your choice) gave you a few years ago?  Well, now it’s grown into a hosta space hog encroaching on the living quarters of its neighbors.

Want to tame that big fella?  Make him stay where you want him to stay? Well, it’s time to divide and conquer. 

But what to do with the offspring…perfectly good little fellas that could find happiness in another home just like Big Pappa.

Here’s the solution:

Weed cloth and your choice of apparatus to tie the “bag” with.  And potting soil, of course, but much less than you’d need if you were transplanting into a bunch of pots.

Simply lay down a square of weed cloth, plop down a few handfuls of soil, pop in your perennial, pull the weed cloth up around the stem of the plant distributing the soil around the roots and tie that baby off.  Now you have portable perennials that can pass their time pleasantly while you ponder what person to pass the plants to.

Here we have happy hostas hanging with their homies.Who’s to know the solid green hosta are simply sitting on top of the soil waiting for a permanent home.

Don’t like the way the plant looks in one location?  Easy peasy.  No digging, no transplant shock, no time spent.  Simply pick it up and put it somewhere else. 

And if you want to step up from the ghetto and move it up to suburbia, you can copy adapt the commercial version of the grow bag

Very reasonably priced, but you do have to order it…and pay shipping…and wait for it to be delivered.

Or…you could pull out the old sewing machine and stitch up a few squares and make you own (which was my original plan).

Remember…you heard it first here.  Ghetto Grow Bags.  Try it, you might like it.

Happy Gardening


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