Taking a chance on the weather

I must be a glutton for punishment.  The day after the frost last week, I went ahead and transplanted some of my seedlings.

This picture was taken one week after I planted the greens.   We’ve got mustards in the two rows on the left, rainbow swiss chard on the right, lettuce in between.  Only half the bed is planted because the top half still has the compost in it.    The lettuce plants all came from seeds started in a plastic strawberry container.  I’ve still got quite a few lettuce starts growing in soil blocks…and the window box tray…and another plastic strawberry container.  Me loves the lettuce.

I just went down memory lane and saw that last year my newly germinated lettuce and pea seeds got snowed on on March 30th.   This March 30th my seedling that were being hardened off got threatened with frost.   Strange weather coincidence, but all is well.  The weather’s been fairly warm until the last couple nights (nighttime lows close to freezing).  It gave me a chance to use my frost cover I got last year (for free) from the lady at Home Depot.

It got kind of good to me, so I transplanted the rest of the mustards, more of the swiss chard, one of the brussles sprouts and three of the resurrected swiss chards that I had stuck in the compost pile.

I’ll be so glad when the weather warms up for good.  My (ridiculously leggy) nasturtiums feel the same.  Can’t you just hear them saying, “I wanna go outside and get in the dirt.”

Happy Gardening!!


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