Quick little update

Talk about bad timing.  I looked out the front window this morning and saw something I haven’t seen in weeks (it seems like it, anyway)…frost-covered cars.

When I looked out the back window I saw something I’ve never seen…frost-covered plastic on my covered bed. 

All day every day since I covered the bed I’ve seen condensation dripping down the sides.   Not today, the day after I put all my plants outside.

It’s possible that I didn’t make a good seal around the bottom of the bed (or that the Garden Gremlins are screwing around with me).  Or maybe when I disturbed the compost it brought the temp down just enough to upset my little microclimate.   The thermometer that’s laying on the ground read 30, but the plants didn’t look too bad.   It’s a good thing I put the tomatoes and peppers right on top of the compost heap and covered the tray they were in.  There was condensation on the lid, so maybe they’ll be okay.

Wish me luck.

Happy Gardening!!


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