Philisophical Friday_Sometimes “The City That Works” doesn’t work so well.

Innovative Thinker…

…or, Girlfriend, you need a little help!

Imagine getting ready to drive out of your garage only to discover a car, not yours, is parked on your garage apron so you can’t get out.  What do you do?  Call the police, of course.  Simple, right?  WRONG!!!

You’re supposed to call 911, they send a car out to ticket the car and call for a tow.  It took six, count’em, six calls to 911, and still no response through 911.  In the meantime, I discovered the car was stolen from less than a mile away.   You’d think that recovering a stolen car would be up there on the priority list, but 3 1/2 hours after calling, no cops.  I finally went outside and flagged down a police car.  The two very nice officers got the car off my driveway, and hopefully back to a relieved car owner, all within 15 minutes.   That’s one example of the city’s protocol not working quite right.

Say you’re trying to conduct business in the heart of the business district.  You’re going to have to shell out up to $32 to park your car or pay 25 cents for 8 minutes at a parking meter, if you can find one. 

What’s that I hear you say?  The City is trying to encourage people to use public transportation into downtown to keep congestion down?  That’s admirable…it can be thought of as a green thing, cutting down on carbon emissions.  But say you’re a FedEx driver and you have to conduct business in downtown Chicago.  Should you have to come outside after a delivery and see this?

…a ticket on your windshield. 

We all know that FedEx makes pick-ups and deliveries…that’s their business.  What are they supposed to do with their vehicles when they’re performing their duties?  

In order for The City That Works to work, people have to be able to conduct business.    I thought this was a slap in the face by the city worker who put this ticket on the FedEx truck. 

Now, say you’re the owner of a confections and pastry shop and you’ve done the right thing, you’ve bought from a local producer, you’ve followed what you believe the rules are, but thousands of dollars of your product along with other food is destroyed by the city’s health department, despite the fact that it’s perfectly edible.  On top of that, you can’t even donate it to the food pantry.

I received a Yahoo Groups message from AUA about this issue.   In a matter of a few hours the e-mails went from informing the group of the situation, to a call for action, to contacting a friend of Sam Kass, the Whitehouse Chef in an attempt to get the issue in front of Michelle Obama.

Now that’s how you make it work!  Chicago, The Citi(zens) That Work.

Happy Gardening!!



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