Pictures from greenhouse construction

Here are some of the pictures from both days (the first six are from the first day).  Day 1 of construction actually started on Saturday when the frame was erected.   This was Martin Luther King’s birthday, so the schools were closed.  Lots of parents and students showed up to lend a hand.  (You can hoover over the pictures to get a little more information).

Bruce, the guy in the first picture, missed his calling.  He’d make a great wood shop instructor.  Speaking of wood, Anna got almost all of her wood from one of those places that reclaims and recycles construction items in keeping with her sustainability theme.  She was lucky to have Bruce and the guy in the 9th picture on the ladder whose name I cannot remember for the life of me (blame it on a senior moment) who is a cabinet maker by trade.  He and Bruce did a fantastic job making the doors.   If I’m remembering right, neither of them had students at the school, but they volunteered anyway and were the last two besides Anna and Mike to leave.

Mike came all the way from Kansas City, Missouri to get the greenhouse up.  He’s from Four Season Tools.  He said their greenhouses are sized for commercial more than residential applications, but I figured I could take away something and scale it down to use in my own little back yard.   Ever heard of “wiggle wire”?  I hadn’t.  It’s a method to secure the plastic to the frame.  It costs about a dollar a foot, but it took almost no time for Mike to put the wiggle wire in the tracks and secure the plastic.  Try a Google search.  It’s really an innovative way to secure the plastic.

I tried to stay until the end, but my hand started hurting from using a staple gun and I had one errand to run before I went home.  When I left, Anna and Mike were still hard at work.

Congrats on your new greenhouse!!

Happy Gardening!!



  1. Bruce F said,

    March 29, 2010 at 7:26 pm


    Maybe I should have been a wood shop instructor!

    Just passing through after seeing that a visitor to our blog came from your site. Nice pictures. I can’t remember the name of the guy helping me with the doors, though I think he has kids going to the school.

    • gardengoodies said,

      March 29, 2010 at 10:32 pm

      Hi, Bruce

      I thought it was nice how you gave out little tidbits of info to the little people (and the not so little people) while you guys were getting the work done.

      I’m sure that was me that stopped by today. I’m finally taking a little time to catch up.

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