Southeast Gardeners Summer Garden Tour

I’m a part of a gardening group that’s sponsored by Healthy Southeast Chicago {Dinah Ramirez and Master Gardener Gregory Bratton-featured in a write-up by Kevin Murphy} and Angelic Organics Learning Center {Thea Carlson}.  Last Sunday, we did a garden tour of some of the gardens.

(Please click on thumbnails to enlarge.)

The first stop was at the Buffalo Senior Inspirational Community Garden, one of Gregory’s gardens. 08-30-09 (14)08-30-09 (12)08-30-09 (15)08-30-09 (16)08-30-09 (13)

Pic 1:  These are the gentlemen who help take care of the garden.   Look at those huge sun flowers.

Pic 2:  This is a view from standing outside the gate. These are cabbage sprouts.  The main heads were harvested and these sprouts are the size of some of my full grown cabbage from last year.

Pic 3:  I think these are the winter collards at the bottom of this picture.  I think they said they were planted less than six weeks ago. 

Pic 4:  They did excellent with their corn.  I was up there on Saturday, and all the corn was gone.  Gregory said that the students harvested it and ate it while they were there that day.

Pic 5:  This is the lot right next to the garden.  From left to right is Gregory, a couple ladies from the Field Museum (or the Museum of Science and Industry…I’m having a senior moment), one of the garden tender-ers, Dinah, Thea and Flo who’s another member of the garden group.

Then we headed of to Scott’s garden.  Can you imagine your garden being an abandoned green house?  I think that’s the coolest thing ever.08-30-09 (18)08-30-09 (19)08-30-09 (20)




Pic 1:  In the forefront is kale, but they’ve got a little bit of everything in here.

Pic 2:  A lot of the glass is missing, so Gregory is attempting to find funding to help restore the greenhouse.

Pic 3:  He’s got lots of garden art sprinkled throughout.  I love this wagon.

Next we were off to Chico’s garden.  He’s got access to a vacant lot next to his residence and has got it looking really nice.08-30-09 (27)08-30-09 (22)

08-30-09 (24)08-30-09 (28) - Copy

Pic 1:  That’s Chico, the gardener.  The young lady with the camera is Sarah Carlson.  She’s filming for a documentary she’s doing on the “growing movement of people reconnecting to their food.”  If you’re talking about growing food, you just might find Sarah and her camera.

Pic 2:  Here’s an overview of his garden.

Pic 3:  Huge cabbage (glasses for perspective)

Pic 4:  This pepper puts my little midget peppers to shame.  He was nice enough to give this pepper to Flo, who was nice enough to give me a couple babies from her garden (more on that tomorrow).

After  Chico’s place we headed over to my garden.08-30-09 (48)

This is basically how the yard looked when they got there.  I was a little too busy being nervous about peoples opinions to take good pictures.  I’ll do better next time.





Next we headed over to what Flo affectionately calls her “Jungle.”08-30-09 (37)08-30-09 (33)08-30-09 (34)




Pic 1:  Flo with her favorite shovel.  I think she said it’s called the Excalibur.    She likes it so much so got Gregory one.

Pic 2:  She does a lot of container gardening, and she’s got water lillies growing in glass jars.  She asked if anybody wanted one, and you know me and free plants.  I was only expecting to get the plant, but she gave me the pretty blue glass jar the plant was in too.    She also gave me a piece of one of the most unusual conifers I’ve seen. 

Pic 3:  Everybody has some kind of garden art going on.  I thought these guys were cool, they just need a place of honor in the yard.

And our last stop was at Loraine’s garden.08-30-09 (42)08-30-09 (43)08-30-09 (44)08-30-09 (47)08-30-09 (45) - Deck




Pic 1:  Loraine’s got a little bit of everything packed in her yard:  Fruit trees, fruit bushes, strawberries as ground cover, plants to feed the birds, bird houses, a nice sized water feature, a deck, a swing, a bunch of container plants.   She even brought some of her tomatoes and seedless cucumbers to share.

You see that red cup she’s holding?  That’s a lemon balm plant that Thea brought to share.  I’ve got mine and it’s doing great (more on that tomorrow). 

Pic 2:  This is kind of an overview.  I’m not sure what all the plants are, but I can see a tomato, the bird feeder, the sunflower, the hanging plant to attract pollinators. 

Pic 3:  This is a container fig.  The first thing I did without even thinking was to check out how it was planted to see whether or not she had enough to divide it just a little bit.  I refrained from asking for a piece because my neighbor’s in-ground plant is much bigger.  I just have to find time to get back over there to try layering a couple of the branches.  But, I digress.  Back to the tour.

Pic 4:  I thought the gourd birdhouses were so cute.  She’s got a number of these in the different trees. 

Pic 5:  Here’s the porch swing and the deck.  I like the deck, and I’ve got some Free Cycle composite lumber waiting for me to figure out where to build a little deck area in my yard. 

Thanks, everybody.  I really enjoyed the tour.  Special thanks to Thea and Flo for sharing your garden greenery.

Happy Gardening!!



  1. September 7, 2009 at 2:40 pm

    Thank you for the tour! Man, wouldn’t it be nice to have that old greenhouse for a garden? Your garden looks lovely, certainly no reason to be nervous about it! I understand though. Once I actually had the local newspaper contact me about doing an article on my blog, and I declined. I’m way to nervous about doing something like that!

    • gardengoodies said,

      September 7, 2009 at 3:49 pm

      You should have done it. Your blog is great. I can’t imagine you being nervous about being interviewed.

      If I had a greenhouse like that one I’d never get anything else done. He’s a lucky guy.

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