Garden Update

I had a good day today piddling around the yard getting little odds and ends done.

I removed the “hoop house” and used my Free Cycle stakes on the tomatoes and the bush beans.    I’m thinking it’s almost June, the weather can’t get too bad.  Silly me.  Thunder storms and heavy rains are coming.  Well, maybe the benefits of rain water will outweight the ill effects of cold weather. 

I didn’t really harvest these mustard greens like I should have, and they’ve already started to go to seed.  Who needs flowers when you’ve got veggie blooms?  (Please excuse the mess in the background)05-30-09 (7)

After I took the picture I went ahead and pulled the flowering plants and picked as many leaves that were ready.  I stuck a few sweet potato slips in a little area I completely cleared of the mustard greens.  (I need to take the time to mark out the square foot sections on this bed because eyeballing it isn’t working).

Yesterday I decided to pull up the volunteer potato that was growing in the same spot as the squash. 


I had to have missed this potato last year because it’s in the location where I grew them last year.  I ended up planting it on the ground next to the fence and throwing some of the compost out of the black composter on it as an experiment to see if it grows (or if it can survive whatever ate the last plant I put in that spot).

What else did I get done today?  It’s getting hard to remember because I’ve been up so long and am kind of sleepy. 

I relocated a hosta into an empty spot in front of a tree and ringed it with lettuce transplants.  Oh, yeah.  A little side note.  I’ve found that giving lettuce a little growing room yields you more leaves.  I’ve got the lettuce in the bed that I planted on 3-15 which I planted pretty close.  Lots of lettuce plants, but smaller leaves.  And then I’ve got the lettuce neatly planted five to a square.

05-27-09 (13)

Bigger leaves, neater appearance.  I can collect the outer leaves, and three days later, the plant is ready to give up a few leaves again.  I tried to be really neat and symmetrical with the way I planted in this bed.  (I’ll have to post a better picture).  I’m about at the point where I could serve salads every day at least once a day.  Ahhh, self-sufficiency.  You gotta love it.  Home grown lettuce with home grown onions.  I can’t wait for the tomatoes and cukes to be added.

The peonies that I transplanted two years ago are outperforming the mother plant (I’ll post pictures later).  I’ll probably have some fully opened blooms in a couple of days. 

The golden shower rose fully opened today.05-31-09

In my utter disgust at how fast the bloons faded last year and my supreme ignorance on how to properly prune climbing roses I “pruned” this plant last year.  This year I don’t have nearly as many blooms as I did last year, but I’d say they’re almost twice as large.  Go figure.

 As far as my to do list, I did figure where to grow the cantaloupe and water melon (in the area next to the stairs so the cantaloupe can grow up the stair rails and the watermelon can trail out onto the lawn).  I planted the seeds, but they haven’t germinated yet.  I don’t know if I’m impatient or the seeds are no good.  I’ll wait a couple more days on them to see what happens.

The corn is finally out of the ground.  The potatoes need hilling.  The strawberries are giving up a few berries a day.  (I need to update the harvest chart).  I trimmed the hosta near the strawberry pyramid to allow a little more light on them.  I decided to go ahead and divide the blackberry canes that I did but shouldn’t have put into one container.  Looks like I might get more than three raspberries.

Oh, well.  That’s it for me.  Brain’s shutting down…must get sleep.

Hope you all had a productive and/or fun weekend playing in the dirt.

Happy Gardening!!!



  1. May 31, 2009 at 11:53 pm

    I can almost smell the wonderful scent of that beautiful yellow rose!

    • gardengoodies said,

      June 1, 2009 at 11:04 am

      Toni- You piqued my curiosity. I waited until it stopped raining and went out and smelled the rose. No scent at all. The plant breeders have been busy making plants disease resistant and this resistant and that resistant and have breeded the rose smell right out of the roses. I think you have to get the old fashioned heirloom roses to even get a rose with a rose smell. That’s what they’re calling progress…but they are pretty.

  2. engineeredgarden said,

    June 1, 2009 at 9:29 am

    Cheryl – I just love that red lettuce, it’s so pretty. I’m glad things are doing well in your garden, and can’t wait to see the progress!

    • gardengoodies said,

      June 1, 2009 at 11:11 am

      EG-This was the best seed packet that I ever bought. It was a lettuce mix I got from Jewel last year for less than $2 (and the package is still half full). So far I’ve just been pinching off the outside leaves, but I see using a whole baby head as the centerpiece of a salad, something Martha Stewart would be proud of.

  3. Dan said,

    June 1, 2009 at 8:50 pm

    Your lettuce mix is very nice. The mustard green flowers are nice, they look just like my bolted bok choy. Do the mustard flowers smell as nice as the bok choy? I had a very productive weekend in the garden but I must say I am really starting to look forward to the lazy days of summer.

    • gardengoodies said,

      June 1, 2009 at 9:34 pm

      I’m sticking lettuce transplants everyplace I can throughout the garden. My plan is to eat only salad greens for a while…there’s just a little too much of me to love right now.

      It didn’t even occur to me to smell the mustard flowers, so I don’t know if they even had a smell. I’m sure some more will start flowering and I’ll check.

      I like being out in the air and I consider gardening “exercise,” so I don’t too much mind the work involved. I just wish the weather would stay warm so I can think of this as summer. We had a 25 degree drop from the morning to the evening. Kookie weather.

  4. Igpbktty said,

    June 30, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    icjRgm comment6 ,

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