10th Ward Green Summit

This post was all prepared for publishing Sunday, but…what can I say.  I forgot to post it. So, let’s pretend it’s Sunday, May 10.

Yesterday I attended the 10th Ward Green Summit:  “Second annual event offering local residents information on green, eco-friendly and healthy initiatives designed to enhance the community’s quality of life and promote economic development.”

Alderman John A. Pope was there.100_0104


Neil Bosanko from the South Chicago Chamber of Commerce was there.100_0106


The young lady on the left was the keynote speaker,  Naomi Davis from Blacks In Green.100_0111

Here they’re getting ready to cut the ribbon on “Steel Millie,”  a 25 cents per ride trolly  that provides transportation through a four-mile area with the goal being “to keep retail dollars in the community by bringing shoppers to the shopping district.” 

It was nice.  They had live entertainment.100_0116

They had a live singer too (sorry, I didn’t get her picture, but I thought she was pretty good),  workshops, tours on the trolly, a health fair, a bike tour, arts and crafts with recyclables, corn husk doll making, and much, much more.

Freebies galore:  The representatives from the Citizen’s Utility Board gave away energy efficient fluorescent bulbs and surge protectors, a rep from Jackson Hewitt gave away coffee thermoses, free pine tree saplings were given out, resuable shopping bags, just to name a few.  They even fed us lunch.

I was there because Gregory Bratton asked me to help out Dinah Rameriz, the Coalition Coordinator from Healthy South Chicago.  

Here’s Stephanie, the other volunteer and Dinah.100_0113

What Dinah did was made salsa and gave away samples.  One of the focuses of Healthy South Chicago is making healthy food choices, and the salsa is made with nopales which lowers blood sugar and blood pressure. 

The salsa was really, really good.  So good, in fact, that Dinah got invited to appear on Cookin’ wit’ Tittle by LaDonna Tittle.  Cookin’ wit’ Tittle can be seen on CAN TV every Thursday at 7 p.m. and Friday at 2 p.m. 

Here’s Dinah and LaDonna Tittle talking about the salsa.100_0118

Well, Dinah was saying that the salsa was good and everybody says she should bottle it.  Maybe this is step one.

Happy Gardening Green Healthy Living!!!


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  1. May 18, 2009 at 8:53 pm

    […] one of the faithful volunteers for Healthy South Chicago. I saw a couple of people who were at The Green Summit (Naomi Davis and LaDonna Tittle). I got a chance to meet the proprietors of Black […]

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