Mother Nature isn’t so bad after all.

I checked the hoop house this afternoon.  It’s been elevated from hoop shack back to hoop house.  The temperature inside was …(picture me doing the happy dance)…54 degrees.


I feel better now.  Nothing was kneeled over on the ground, so I guess we made it through the hump.  Here’s a quick picture.


I don’t know why the peas on the left have spotty germination, except maybe the squirrels or the birds got to them.  But since I never had any luck with peas before I’m a happy camper.

Experiment Update:

  • Row covers/hoop houses will aid in seed germination before your last frost date, especially in a raised bed
  • Row covers/hoop houses will protect young plants from freezing weather
  • Row covers/hoop houses will raise the inside temperature as much as 20 degrees
  • Newly sprouted pea plants, turnip plants and onion plants can survive at least one snowfall

Happy Gardening!!!!


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