It is spring, right?

I sure want to start hardening off some of these plants, but Mother Nature doesn’t seem to realize that spring has sprung.  We had hail this morning and snow this evening.  Nothing like last week, thank goodness, but snow just the same.  I want to check on the “hoop house” (to be hereinafter called the hoop shack).  But left with the choice between cold outside and warm inside, guess which one I picked?  I actually secured the sides of the plastic a few days ago because we had another windy evening and all the plastic was off again the next morning.  That was probably Tuesday or Wednesday, and the plants were still growing strong.  Even the onions had sprouted. 

The same day I planted the seeds in the hoop shack I planted a few seeds in the spot I usually save for the elephant ears and threw a sheet of thin plastic over the bed.  The bed is only maybe 3 x 4.  I’m looking at green stuff growing under the plastic, but I’m afraid if I move the plastic the plants will die.

Hey, Mother Nature, it’s springtime already.  Stop with the snow.

Happy Gardening!!!!

I just peeked outside.  The snow is not as bad as it was last week…it’s worse!!!!



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