Plants From Produce

About two months ago I was given a couple of avacados.  They were way past their prime, and when I cut them open, I saw a little root growing out of one of them.  I put them in pots, and today, here are two free plants.


This kind of blows our theory, for avacados anyway, that one plant will fair better than two in the same space.  Notice how the plant that sent up two shoots (twins?  maternal?  fraternal?) has much larger leaves than the single plant?

I was lucky that my seeds started sprouting inside the avacado and started growing after being put in soil.  The  typical way to sprout the seed is to rinse the flesh from the seed, insert tooth picks in the midsection of the seed and suspend over a cup of water (much like you do a sweet potato to get slips from it) with the wider end pointed down.  Then you wait anywhere from four to six weeks for the plant to start putting out roots and top growth.  Then you can plant in soil.

The avacados did so well I went out and bought a mango so I could try to grow the seed.  I cut the flesh away from the seed and carefully pried open the outer seed husk to get at the seed inside.  I moistened a paper napkin and wrapped the seed inside, stuck it in a plastic bag and waited.  It took a couple weeks for the root to start growing and I just recently stuck it in some soil.  Once we get some top growth, I’ll post pictures.

This is what I have to look forward to:mango plant

In my dreams!!!

Happy Gardening!!!


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