2009 Harvest_(about) 7.6 lb., 111 Strawberries, 4 Heads of Garlic

I’m ashamed to say, but I got too lazy to keep up with the harvest for the year.  So, the harvest counter only accounts for veggies harvested until the third week in June.

2009 Harvest

non-metric calculator

Beans and Peas:

Beans_bush: (3 square feet x 4 plants each square)

(May total  bush beans=

(Total bush beans=

Beans_pole: (xx plants)

(May total pole beans=

(Total pole beans=

Peas: (7 square feet)

05-30-09_1.6 oz

(May total peas=1.6 oz)

 06-05-09_7.6 oz

 06-17-09_3.9 oz

(June total peas=11.5 oz)

(Total peas=

(Pulled the plants 6-21-09)


Collards: (2 square feet)

(May total collards=

(Total collards=

Kale: (2 square feet) (06-18-09 moved 5 plants to south bed)

(May total kale=0)

6-3-9_1.7 oz

(June total kale=

(Total kale= 


05-09-09 – 6.8 oz_Lettuce and mustard

05-11-09 _4.6 oz 

05-15-09 – 8.9 oz_Lettuce and spinach

05-30-09 – 11.0_Lettuce

(couple of missed recordings)

(May total lettuce=2 lb

06-03-09_2 lb 3.9 oz

06-11-09_5.3 oz

06-17-09_1 lb 1 oz

06-18-09_14.1 oz (mostly individual plants in north bed)

06-19-08_6.0 oz (small blue container)

06-21-09_6.0 oz (north bed)

06-22-09_1 lb 4 oz (north bed)

pulled the plants 06-22-09

(June total lettuce=

(Total lettuce=

Mustards: (8 square feet)

05-31-09_8.5 oz

 (May total mustard=8.5 oz

06-18-09_1 lb 3 oz (pulled plants)

(June total mustard= 1 lb 3 oz

(Total mustard=1 lb 11.5 oz

Spinach: (1 square foot)

 (May total spinach=

06-07-09_.8 oz

(June total spinach=.8 oz)

missed a couple harvests and pulled plants early June

(Total spinach=app. 1 lb.

Turnips_Bottoms: (2 square feet as of 5-30)

(May total turnip bottoms=

(Total turnip bottoms=


(May total turnip greens=0)

06–  -09_


(June total turnip greens=0

(Total turnip greens=


Borage: (4 plants)

05-23-09 – 4 large leaves

(May total borage=

(Total borage=

Garlic: (4 surviving plants)

06-18-09_4 heads

I pulled the four plants to make room and discovered fully formed cloves.  No scapes ever came. 

(Total garlic heads=4)


Garlic Chives: (1 square foot) (06-18-09 moved from bed to be planted in container/pot)

(May garlic chives=

(Total garlic chives=


Mint: (1 large container, 2 small containers)

06-11-09_1.3 oz (large planter)

 (June total mint=


Onions_ Green: (scattered throughout)

05-30-09-4.5 oz

(May total green onions=4.5 oz)

06-11-09_7.4 oz

(June total green onions=4.5 oz)

(Total green onions=

Onions_Walking/Shallots: (1 square foot)

(May total shallots=

(Total shallots=

Parsley: (1 plant)

(May total parsley=

06-11-09_1 oz

(June total parsley=

(Total parsley=

Oregano: (1 piece of a plant)

(May total oregano=

(Total oregano=


Egg Plant: (1/2 plants)

(May total egg plants=

(Total egg plants=

Peppers_Bell: (xx plants)

(May total bell peppers=

(Total bell peppers= 

Peppers_Habanero: (xx plants)

(May total habaneros=

(Total habaneros=

Tomatoes_beefsteak: (XX square feet)

 (May total beefsteak tomatoes=

(Total beefsteak=

Tomatoes_cherry: (XX square feet)

(May total cherry tomatoes=

(Total cherry tomatoes=


Root Crops:

Carrots: (scattered throughoutt)

(Junr total carrots=10.2 oz)

(Total carrots=10.2 oz)

Potatoes_sweet: (1 plant)

(Total sweet potatoes=

Potatoes_white: (5 square feet and container)

(Total white potatoes=


June bearing: (XX plants)

05-29-09_2 berries

05-31-09_4 berries

(May total  strawberries=6 berries)

06-01-09_8 berries

06-04-09_10 berries

06-05-09_8 berries

06-07-09_9 berries

06-11-09_20 +

06-15-09_8 berries

06-16-09_6 berries

06-17-09_8 13 berries

06-18-09_2 berries

06-19-09_8 berries

06-21-09_13 berries

06-22-09_2 berries

(June total strawberries=

(Total June bearing strawberries=

Strawberries_ever bearing: (xx plants)

(Total ever bearing strawberries=

(Total ever bearing strawberries=

 (Total Strawberries=


Vining Crops:

Cucumbers_Lemon: (5 plants)

(May total lemon cukes=

(Total lemon cukes=

Cucumbers_Pickling: (xx plants)

(May total pickling cukes=

(Total pickling cukes=

Cucumbers_Salad: (XX plnts foot)

(May salad cukes=

(Total salad cukes=

Squash (yellow): (1 in ground, 1 in container)

(May total squash=

(Total squash=




May 2009_

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