Braggadocios Bargain Bulletin

Every once in a while I hear a little voice that tells me, “You should go to the thrift store today.”  And sometimes all the stars align and I get there and find some really good stuff.  Yesterday was one of those days. 

I had to drive to work and found street parking right outside of the building.  With parking in a parking lot costing anywhere from $24 to $32 for two hours and the meter costing $6 for two hours (or 25 cents for five minutes), I saved a minimum of $18.  Ridiculous, I know to have to pay that much to park a car, especially with gas costing over $4 a gallon.  But when I run late, that’s the price I have to pay.

Anyway, after the job was over, I headed towards my favorite thrift store on Chicago’s north side.  This store is really popular and you usually have to wait around a little while to find a parking space.  But not yesterday.  I pulled right up to an empty meter. 

My pattern is to head upstairs first where the furniture and a lot of the non-clothing items are.  I found this garden cart for $10.


I was really glad to find it because I bent the frame on the wagon I had been using.  I had two really heavy bags of soil in the wagon sitting behind my car which, of course, I forgot about when I went to back out of the garage until I heard a noise.

10-01-08 (4)

I completely bent the frame in the back so that all four wheels won’t roll at the same time.  I feel really bad because this is the wagon my son won on The Bozo Show almost 20 years ago when he made it to Bucket No. 5.  I plan to eventually get it repaired.

I also found a strawberry planter for $5 and a Styrofoam planter that pretty much matches one I already have for $2.

10-01-08 (2)

Plus I found this plastic modular unit that I’ll find somewhere to put for $8.

10-01-08 (3) 

Last summer I found one of those large sized hose reel thingies for $2, but my absolute best find at a thrift store was a mahogany colored, solid wood full sized four poster bed for all of 12 bucks.  I felt like the queen of the thrift store that day.

10-01-08 (5)

Happy Gardening!!!!

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