Raspberry ruminations

Since I’ve got so much work to do right now and I can’t get outside to play in the dirt like I want to, I just have to think about playing in the dirt.  And right now I’m thinking that I may have made a mistake with the raspberries. 

I got the plants earlier in the year from a couple of FreeCyclers.  This one was was a little bitty thing when I got it back in June, and it was the only survivor of the three plants that I got.  07-14-08 (15)

Later on I got about six clumps from another FreeCycler.  I put one of them in with the first plant because it was really small and I wasn’t sure it would survive.  See the two tall canes in the back?08-02-08 (20)

They’ve both put on lots of green growth.  09-26-08

The rest of the second set of plants, minus those that I gave to my mother-in-law, went into these containers.  08-02-08 (21) 09-26-08 (3)

There is new growth on the stalks which theoretically I’ll have raspberries on the new green growth next year because they fruit on second year wood.  My fear is that the old canes will die over the winter along with my new growth and I’ll have to wait for suckers to grow next spring and then another year for raspberries.  Everything that I’ve read says you’re supposed to cut the canes back after they have fruited, which I’m now realizing I didn’t do.  A few new canes did come up in the pots, but boy, oh, boy will I be disappointed if I lose all those potential raspberries.

Okay.  Now that I’ve done a little gardening in my mind, let me get back to work.  I’m hoping I can get enough done by Sunday so I can get a few things done outside.

Happy Gardening!!!


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