Cute Cantaloupes … continued

One of the cantaloupes that was growing on the fence fell to the ground…on the neighbor’s side.  That’s a sign that the cantaloupe is ready, right?  Wrong.  That’s a sign that it should have been picked a week ago.  When I cut into it, there were spots that were just this side of being spoiled.  Still edible, still sweet, but I’d equate it with going to the grocery store and getting the marked down produce.  Not spoiled, but definitely not in it’s prime.

So, I went ahead and picked the other two.  09-23-08

These were as large as some that I’ve bought in the grocery store.  Another reason for growing them next year.

Before I forget, here’s what I’ve done recently:

  • Divided jasmine and repotted hibiscus last week.
  • Rooted a couple cuttings at the same time.
  • Started emptying compost from Earth Machine.
  • Top dressed bell peppers in the ground and the sweet potatoes.
  • Noticed little growth on white peony plant.
  • Fixed the CompostTumbler and put a load of compost fixings in – got to 120 overnight.

Happy Gardening!!!


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