Sweet Potato Plant Prolific Producer

I made a spur of the moment decision to see how the potatoes were growing in the self-watering container.  For the white potatoes, there was still lots of green foliage, but I only got two large potatoes and two gumball sized potatoes.  The large potatoes were literally on the floor of the bin which I stopped filling halfway.

The sweet potato I’d say was a success.09-18-08 (2)

These came from one plant growing in the self-watering container that started life sharing space with two watermelons and a cherry tomato.  The water melons got pulled a couple/few weeks ago, and the cherry tomato plant a little while after that.  I didn’t pinch the leaves or allow the stems to root.  The largest potato was directly under the plant.

You’re supposed to cure the potatoes by leaving them in 80-85 degree temperature for about 10 days to toughen up the skin and allow the starches to convert to sugars.  You do this so you can store the potatoes.  But since I had so few, I sprayed them with a quick squirt of no-stick spray and baked them.  Delicious.  Even that little skinny one on the right was good.  And they were sweet.  I didn’t add any butter or sugar or cinnamon or vanilla or milk (which is what I would normally add if I wasn’t trying to cut calories) and they were still sweet.

I still have the sweet potatoes growing in the raised bed to look forward to.  Hopefully I’ll be able to restrain myself from digging them up earlier than I have to (which is before they get hit by frost).

I’ll definitely do the sweet potatoes in the self-watering container next year and put at least four plants in the bin.

Just as an experiment I saved some of the vines to put in pots indoors to see if they’ll grow. Another winter project to to keep my fingers in the dirt.

Happy Gardening!!!!


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