Cute Cantaloupes

I ate my first cantaloupe today.

09-16-08 (6)   09-16-08 (4)

Today is the first day since that crazy long rainy spell broke that I went outside and paid attention to anything in the yard.  The leaves on the cantaloupes in the bin are turning brown and crunchy. 

I picked up the first cantaloupe that set on the vine and it came away from the stem easily, just like they say they do when they’re ripe.  When I got it in the house I was able to notice the cantaloupe smell, which is the other sign of a ripe cantaloupe.  And, yep, it was ripe…small, but ripe.  And if the presence of a lot of seeds is another sign of a mature fruit, this one was good and mature.  Lots of seeds.

It was sweet, but not super sweet.  Maybe if it had sat around a few more days it would have gotten sweeter.  I don’t plan on saving the seeds because the fruit itself was small.  The other two growing in the bin are just a little bigger than baseball size. 

There are three growing on the fence.  As an experiment I decided not to harness the fruit to see how long they’d stay on the vine unsupported.  All three of them are as big or bigger than the one in the bin I just picked.

Here’s a little chronology:

Soon after being planted in the bin (07-14-08)  07-14-08 (13)

Two plants in the ground beginning to climb (07-14-08)  07-14-08 (19)

First fruit to set in binĀ  (08-13-08)  08-13-08 (3)

In-ground plants still climbing (08-02-08) 08-02-08 (40)

Second fruit to set in bin (08-23-08)  08-23-08 (4)

First two fruit to set on fence (08-23-08) 08-23-08 (5)

Here are the other two remaining today in the bin  09-16-08 (2)

And here are the three on the fence  09-16-08

Next year I’ll plant more seedlings (I only had three), I’ll plant them earlier,  I’ll plant them in the ground, and I’ll learn how to hand pollinate.  I had tons of flowers and small developing fruit which died.

I’ll give cantaloupe growing in the urban back yard a B+.

Happy Gardening!!!


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