Planning Peach Tree Pruning Proving Perplexing

I’ve gotten books from the library. I’ve clicked and clicked on “How to prune peach tree” sites.  I’ve searched, “How to espalier a peach tree,” and I am thoroughly confused.

I now know that peaches fruit on the previous year’s growth.  I now know what a scaffold limb is.  I now know what a heading cut is.  I now know there’s a difference between a leaf bud and a fruit bud.  I know what a whip is.  I know what a fan is.  I know what a fanned whip is.  I know that to encourage fruiting branches you need to lower the branch to the horizontal orientation.  I know that peach trees should be pruned when they are dormant.

With all this knowledge, I still don’t know how to prune this tree.

09-15-08 (2)

I  brought it in the house because I wanted to look at it up close and personal and get a feel for the way it was growing.  I felt it so much I accidentally broke off one of the branches.

09-15-08 (3)

Now I get to search “How to propagate peach trees from broken limbs.”

I need a little HELLLLLLLLLLLLLP!!!!

Happy Gardening!!!!


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