Too Tired To Tinker with Tomatoes (or anything else in yard)

At work it’s sometimes feast or famine.  Right now it’s feast, and I can’t find too many minutes to get in the yard to do anything.  I need to …

  • Repot the peach tree
  • Research how to prune the peach tree
  • Pick the turnip greens
  • Divide some of the hosta
  • Transplant a few of the peony plants
  • Decide where I want to grow strawberries
  • Hit the stores for end of season sales
  • Empty out the compost bin and start new batch
  • Plant tulips
  • Get rid of the weeds in the grass and re-seed bare spots (hope I haven’t waited too late for this one)

Today is the only good weather day for the next four or five days and I still don’t see a minute to play in the dirt.

Here’s a little something, something to tide me over until I can get outside.

  05-16-08 (16) 05-16-08 (20)Morning Glory_Summer 2007 05-31-08 (18) 06-18-08 (10)

Ahhhh, that was good.

Happy Gardening!!!


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