Got my Earth Machine today.

Earth Machine I got an Earth Machine today through the city’s Environmental Resource Event. City residents could purchase one for $30 instead of the retail of $89.  They also had water barrels for $40.

I thought I’d get a chance to mingle with a few gardening/composting obsessed folks, but this event was so organized you didn’t have to get out of your car.  It was held in the parking area near DeVry Institute.  The setup was like a driving range you’d see at school.  You had traffic cones that guided your travel through the parking lot.

You were greeted by a worker who directed you into the parking lot.  Once you entered the parking lot, you told a second worker your desire (purchasing a water barrel or a compost bin or dropping off hazardous waste) and were sent around to the appropriate “station”.  I had a couple of old printers to let go of, but they also collected old computers and computer parts, old paint, old household chemicals, old prescription meds.

I got there a little past around 8:00, which was the scheduled starting time, and there were quite a few people in front of me.  I saw a half dozen gas lawn mowers that had been turned in (you got a $100 gift certificate toward the purchase of an electric or push mower).

They were giving you an “environmentally friendly” gas can for trade if you turned your old one in, but I couldn’t get to mine in the garage so I missed out on that.

It was impressed with the efficiency of it all.  You even got a parting gift.  I got two compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Happy Gardening!!!

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