It’s hard to work when you wanna play.

The temperature was 60 and it was a weekend.  It was the first day of putting time into the yard. 

I cleaned up and discovered I lost a lot of clay pots because I didn’t move them into the garage before winter set in.  The good thing is when I dumped all the dirt into the future raised bed I got a nice little heap of dirt.  I also got the start for the next compost pile.

The bleeding hearts are coming up, so are the tulips and most of the perennials.

Tulips Coming Up 

I see little pink buds on the transplanted peonies but none on the mother plant.  I sure hope she didn’t get mad at me for taking away some of her “babies.”

 04-24-08 (10)

I’ve got work-work to do, the kind that pays the bills.  It’s just sooooooo hard to concentrate when the weather is so nice and there’s so much to do outside.

I’ll reward myself with yard time after I get done with my work.

Happy Gardening!!!!


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